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Polish Angel Master Sealant Shampoo (500ml)

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PolishAngel Polish Angel Master Sealant Shampoo (500ml)
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Master Sealant Maintainer Shampoo

With Master Sealants unique blend of Carnauba and crystal-clear ceramic, it is important to use the correct car shampoo to maintain the benefits.

Introducing Master Sealant Shampoo. With a high level of lubrication to ensure any abrasive material left behind from the pre-wash stage has the lowest possible chance of scratching the sealant. Polish Angel haven't stopped there, they have also ramped up the cleaning power to break down that grim and traffic film.

Designed not to leave any spotting behind for a clear optical finish, the Master Sealant is a breeze to use. Achieving this feat does require the shampoo to be low foaming as a high foam shampoo is more likely to leave behind residues.

Super concentrate, a little goes a long way just 20ml per bucket wash.

Size: 500ml (Select from drop down menu above)

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