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Polish Angel Viking Coat (50ml)

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PolishAngel Polish Angel Viking Coat (50ml)
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Paint Protection For Harsh Winter Conditions!

Polish Angel Viking Shield was originally developed for the harsh Swedish Nordic weather. With a lot of snowy and icy days, salt spray can be a real issue for cars by damaging paintwork over the years. To protect against this, a specialist blend of concentrated Silica and Titanium Dioxide.

The silica produces an extremely hard surface to protect against corrosion from winter salt spreading. The hard layer is also very durable to combat the continued winter month. Titanium Dioxide additives produces a high shine and colour transparency; giving you a finish to desire.

Many sealants require a long cure time of 12–24 hours. With Viking Coat, you are good to go in as little as 3 hours after application.


  • No specialist primer require
  • Very high durability
  • Produces a glass-like finish
  • High hydrophobic effect
  • Unique surface smoothness
  • 5% More Silica than Cosmic 9H
  • 10% more Titania than Cosmic 9H
  • Cures in 3 hours

How To Use:

  • Shake well before use
  • Make sure surface is prepared and free of contamination before applying
  • Apply sparingly with a light and small circular motion
  • Leave to cure for 45 minutes
  • Buff off with clean microfibre cloth
  • Apply a second coat after 2 hours
  • Leave to cure for three hours
  • Use Viking Spritz to maintain.

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