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Rupes XC-2 Xtra Cut Compound (1 Kg)

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Rupes XC-2 Xtra Cut Compound (1 Kg)
Rupes XC-2 Xtra Cut Compound
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Gel Coat and High-Solid Industrial Finishes

Rupex XC-2 Xtra Cut Compound works with any kind of machine movement, including rotary and dual action polishers. This new solution is specifically designed to remove flaws from hard paint, gelcoat and other high-solid industrial coatings, worktops, and the aircraft sector quickly. It can be used as a preliminary step following the sanding process or for the removal of impurities and oxidation.

Use it in conjunction with a number of different Rupes pads to achieve different finishes.

  • Heavy Cut Wool Pads for substantially more material removal without regard to finish.
  • Finishing Wool Pads for quick defect removal and improved finish.
  • Rupes Coarse DA Wool or Microfibre Pads for old and oxidised gelcoat.


  • Faster defects removal
  • Improved finish and optimized clarity
  • Superior performance on solid surfaces
  • Better emulsion for easy wipe off
  • Better customer experience
  • Waterbased compound
  • New fragrance
  • White color

Sizes: 1 Kg

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