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Specialised Covers Universal Prestige Indoor Car Cover (Extra Small-Large)

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Specialised Covers Universal Prestige Indoor Car Cover
Specialised Covers Universal Prestige Indoor Cover
Specialised Covers Universal Prestige Indoor Cover
Specialised Covers Universal Prestige Indoor Cover
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The most dustproof breathable Universal cover

Specialised Covers Prestige Universal semi tailored cover is a soft poly-lycra, 2-way super stretchy, 150gsm microfibre manufactured in the UK that will protect your car. The fabric is tightly woven ensuring a car cover that gives excellent protection from dust and other pollutants at the same time as remaining fully breathable to prevent any build-up of condensation.

Available in 4 shapes, 4 size and 3 colours to give you as close a fit an indoor cover without going fully tailored. Choose between Standard, Classic, Super and SUV shapes from Extra Small to Large and in Black, Red and Grey.

The Prestige material is a close-knit weave which means more dust and dirt particles will be caught on the surface of the fabric. Not all covers on the market are as closely knit as the Prestige which allows your car to “breathe” without allowing dust to settle on your paintwork.

The perfect solution for an owner who may change their care more frequently and would like to have a cover that is transferrable to the next car. Or if you are looking after multiple cars and need tha flexibilty to swap and change out covers as different cars come into storage.

If you are a detailing studio or a body shop, these covers are very suitable to protecting finished cars. Whilst keeping the dust away the cover is also protected under a stretchy 150gsm soft material that won't scratch paintwork or allow the dust through.

Our universal covers have no mirror pockets to support a snug fit and to ensure that the covers look great on any car, alongside providing great protection.

What Size Do I Need?

To get the best fit possible for the Universal Covers they have been split down further into vehicle categories, such as SUV will naturally drown a Super car. Firstly select the vehicle category that best suits your car and then the size. Our categories are Classic, Standard, SUV and Super Car.


  • Extra Small - VW UP
  • Small - Audi A3 SB
  • Medium - Audi A4 Saloon
  • Large - Audi A6 Saloon


  • Extra Small - Mini Cooper
  • Small - MGB GT
  • Medium - Aston Martin DB5
  • Large - Bentley Continental S2


  • Small - Porsche 718 Cayman
  • Small - Audi R8
  • Medium - Ferrari Portofino
  • Large - Lamborghini Aventador


  • Extra Small - VW T-Cross
  • Small - Range Rover Evoque
  • Medium - Audi Q5
  • Large - Range Rover Sport

The cover can also be customised with the car's marque by selecting single colour or printed logo options. View our logos page for more information or if unsure contact us to confirm all logos possible. Please note these are semi fit covers so are made to universal sizing and shape. If you are unsure as to which size you require please call us on 01474 360 360 or email carcovers@theultimatefinish.co.uk

If an semi tailored fit is not possible, i.e. a car is a too short for an SUV and is too wide for a standard size, we will always recommend a shorter cover rather than longer as dirt picked up from the floor may damage both the car and the cover.

How to Use:

Wash separately on a cold cycle without fabric softener, allow to air dry only, do not iron.

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