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Swissvax Wheel Cleaner Spray Forte (250ml)

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Activing Red Wheel Cleaner

A spray alloy wheel cleaner designed to remove dirt and iron particles in one step.

Swissvax Wheel Spray Forte is an innovative wheel cleaner for swift rim cleaning. Because the wheel cleaner sticks firmly to the rim surfaces, it is particularly efficient at dissolving grime. During the active cleaning phase the cleaner changes its colour to a reddish violet showing an active chemical change. Cleaning is done automatically: spray on, wait for it to start working, and then rinse with a strong water jet, then you're ready to go.

If the wheels are significantly soiled, we recommend spreading the wheel cleaner using a Swissvax Wheel Brush following the active cleaning phase before washing it off.

Wheel Spray Forte is acid-free and phosphate-free, and it is safe for all wheels (including chrome, polished aluminium, and multi-piece rims).


  • Removes iron particles
  • Removes dirt and brake dust
  • Safe for use on all wheels (chrome, polished, aluminium)
  • Spray formulation with added cling

Sizes: 250ml


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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