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Tornador Classic Z-010RS Pneumatic Air Blaster

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Tornador Classic Z-010RS Pneumatic Air Blaster
Tornador Classic Z-010RS
Tornador Classic Z-010RS
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The Classic Air Blaster For Interior Cleaning

The Tornador® Classic Z-010RS is an air-powered suction cup cannon that rotates while atomizing cleaning solution and air at a very small point under intense pressure. It produces a form of rotational milling machine that vigorously eliminates dirt particles from the surface, much like a geothermal tornado. The shift sleeve, dashboard, and door storage box are perfect for "2-minute preparation" for your customer to be in awe!

To improve flexibility and convenience of use, the Tornador CLASSIC also has an articulated nipple and a compressed air regulator buried in the handle. Ideal for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas, including headliners, automobile upholstery, door sills and panels, and ventilation shafts. Whether shift boots, dashboards, or door storage compartments.

With the Tornador® CLASSIC Z-010RS, you can quickly clean the passenger compartment's trouble spots. Because of the micro-atomization, there is very little cleaning agent use, which lowers expenses.


  • Particularly fine micro-atomization
  • Integrated compressed air regulator
  • Integrated joint nipple with proven Tornador® hose technology
  • Ergonomic, cold-insulated and low-vibration
  • 2.2kW – 230V piston compressors
  • Large tank compressor will run for longer without drop in pressure


  • 1/4" Adapter Fitting
  • 8 Bar Pressure
  • 237 L/MIN air consumption
  • Vibration Level 0.38 M/SEC2 (EN 28662-1)
  • Measurement Uncertainty (Standard) 0.19 M/SEC2 (EN 28662-1)
  • A weighted emission sound pressurel (LpA) 87.86 dB (EN ISO 15744)
  • A weighted sound power level (LwA) 98.85 dB (EN ISO 15744)
  • Peak – C – weighted Spitzenschalldruck (LpC) 92.1 dB (EN ISO 15744)

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