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UF Interior Scrubbing Microfibre Applicator (4 Pack)

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Interior Scrub Ninja Applicator

Reduce the time taken to clean your interior by using a dual sided UF Interior Scrubbing Microfibre Applicator. One side consisting of bristle like fibres to tackle the dirtiest of grime, reaching deep into the fibres and textures of your car's interior, it will assist your favourite interior cleaner. The longer nylon bristles work on seat, plastic sills, dashboards, upholstery, and even some leather surfaces if treated with care.

The other side is made from a soft lint free microfibre, perfect for that final dressing application or even to use them on glass to remove fingerprints.


  • Dual Side
  • 4 Pack
  • 10 x 15cm

How To Use:

  • Soft Microfibre side for applying dressings or final buffing
  • Nylon bristle side for deep cleaning
  • We recommend using a microfibre wash to maintain the product.
  • Wash after each use (do not use fabric softeners)

Size: 10x15cm (4 Pack)

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