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UF MF10 Microfibre Heavyweight Drying Towel

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Ultimate Finish UF Microfibre Heavyweight Drying Towel
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Super Thick Heavyweight Drying Towel

Ultimate Finish presents their thickest drying towel for extra absorbancy and softness. The product's density is measured in grammes per square metre (GSM) for microfibres. The greater the GSM of a textile, regardless of its weave style or pile length, the better it is adapted to absorb moisture.

Our highly absorbent and luxuriantly soft product, perfect for drying surfaces and protecting paintwork. With its tag-less design, there are no sharp edges to worry about, ensuring no marring on sensitive paint finishes. The hemmed edge further prevents scratching, providing a gentle touch. Available in small and large sizes, this product is suitable for all areas of your car or vehicle. Made from a 70:30 blend of polyester and polyamide, it offers maximum suppleness and elevated.


  • Highly absorbent - makes light work of drying surfaces
  • Luxuriantly soft - pampers & protects paintwork whilst drying
  • Tag-less - no sharp edges to inflict marring on sensitive paint finishes
  • Hemmed edge for no scratching
  • Available in small and large sizes for all areas of the car or vehicle
  • 70:30 (polyester:polyamide)
  • Weight: 1000g/m²
  • Never use fabric softeners when washing accessories
  • Maximum suppleness
  • Elevated GSM
  • Very absorbing
  • Fast drying
  • Robust resilience
  • Finish without a streak
  • Wash 500 times

Sizes: 40x40cm & 80x60cm (Select from drop down menu above)

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