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PRO ST2605 Stubby Nose Short Pressure Washer Trigger Lance

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Ultimate Finish ST2605 Short Trigger Gun (Quick Release)
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Upgrade Your Pressure Washer

You can get rid of the awkward pressure washer wand and have total control when pressure washing and snow foaming with the ST2605 Stubby Nose Trigger Kit. The best approach to snow foam acar is using a pressure washer and foam gun. Snow foaming has become a crucial step in the detailing process.

However, it's not usually the simplest to control the long pressure washer wand. Furthermore, getting too close runs the danger of scratching the paint. You have more control and more freedom of movement thanks to the Trigger Kit. When pressure cleaning and using snow foam, you have the best control thanks to the ergonomic design.

St2605 quality made in Germany for long lasting results.

Choose the correct hose fitting for either M22 Hoses, Karcher K2 to K7 Push Fit, Karcher HD EasyLock or Most Nilfisk C, E and P. Other pressure washers may fit, please see measurements or call to confirm.


  • Max 150c
  • Max 5000 PSI
  • Max 45L/Min
  • Made In Germany
  • More freedom when snow foaming
  • Replaced the long pressure washer wand
  • Compact design gets into wheel arches
  • Safety Catch
  • Quick Connect Female attachment with adaptor (1/4" QC)
  • Choose Hose Connecter, Karcher HD EasyLock, Karcher HD, M22, Kranzle, Karcher-K Push Fit or Nilfisk/Bosch Push Fit

Size: Multiple Set Ups (Selected from dropdown menu above).

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