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Valet Pro 5 Litre Pump Dispenser (42mm)

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ValetPRO Valet Pro 5 Litre Pump Dispenser
ValetPRO 5L Pump Dispenser
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Bulk Dispense 5 Litre Container

A quick an easy solution to reduce product waste and use the correct dosage. Many detailing products are offered in 5 litre containers to save you money in product and shipping. However, these can be difficult to decant into your favourite spray bottles for use when detailing the car. Thankfully, Valet Pro offer a pump dispenser compatible with all their 5 Litre containers (and others with wide neck caps). Attached the pump head and push down to dispenser 30ml of your favourite product straight into your mixing bottle.

The Valet Pro 5 Litre pump dispenser is also chemical resistant, so it can deal with any product from the Valet Pro range, including Dragons Breath or pH Neutral Snow Foam.


  • Fits all Valet Pro 5 Litre Bottles or others with wide flow caps
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Dispenses 30ml per push
  • 42mm

Please note: If dispensing sealant products, it would be best to rinse and dry the pump after each use, as sealants can cure on the inside of the pump and block the valve.

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