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ValetPRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner

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Safe & Effective Cleaner For All Wheel Types.

Highly concentrated wheel cleaner safe for use on all wheel types. The fast cleaning action means less agitation is required. Bilberry Safe Wheel Cleaner can be used neat for heavily soiled wheels or diluted up to 1:10 for regular maintenance cleaning.

The thick formulation of Bilberry means it clings to wheel surfaces, allowing more time for it to work on loosening dirt and grime.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly concentrated for better economy
  • Thick formulation clings to wheels & does not dry out
  • Safe on most wheel types.
  • Can be diluted as required for lighter contamination
  • Easy to use spray on, rinse off
  • Biodegradable formula

Directions for use:

  • For heavily soiled wheels use Bilberry Wheel Cleaner neat. For wheels that are lightly soiled use a 1:10 ratio
  • Spray Bilberry Wheel Cleaner onto wheel
  • Allow a short dwelling time for the product on the surface - do not let the product dry though
  • Rinse the product off thoroughly with a pressure washer
  • If necessary, repeat the process and introduce a dedicated wheel brush to agitate the surface before rinsing thoroughly

Not suitable for un-lacquered or polished rims. Test on an inconspicuous area on re-coated or repaired wheels.

Sizes: 1 Litre & 5 Litres (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 24 Nov 2016

Maintenance cleaner

I've used Bilberry wheel cleaner for a number of years. It's a great product for keeping on top of the wheels throughout the year. A point to note though, if your wheels are caked in grime that's hard to shift, this probably isn't the product that you're looking for. If your wheels are nice and clean and protected then Bilberry will keep them in tip top condition, with regular use.

Martin S
five stars 21 Nov 2016

Cleanest Alloys

This is without doubt the easiest wheel cleaning product I have ever used, is economical and very effective. I use it with a spray bottle. It leaves the wheels brilliantly clean and shiny, particularly the wheels on my wife's TT look amazing after cleaning with this product. I would recommend without reservation.

five stars 26 Sep 2016

Easy cleaning of wheels

Very easy to use, just spray and leave to soak for a few minutes. I use it with the Wheel Woolies, and the wheels clean without any real effort, sometimes spray a bit extra if it starts to dry out by the time I'm brushing. Smells great too!

five stars 04 Feb 2016


I was desperate to find a high end deep cleaner for my 19' alloys on my TTS, which had RS calipers and 375mm drilled disc's. After applying a diluted version of this cleaners on to my heavily soiled wheels, I was pleasantly pleased to see the prestine surface showing underneath. And without using a brush, just jet washing my alloys and brake calipers all came out looking fabulous. This is the 'Greek God'! of all alloy wheel cleaners. Would recommend to friends and family; for sure re-order in the near furture. Love this product!!!! Heaven..

five stars 14 May 2015

Can't go wrong

Well there is not much you can add to the other reviews this stuff really works well I use it diluted at Il to 3l water in a garden pump spray and it works well like this spray it on snow foam the car then pressure wash it all off that's all the wheels need generally so no need for brushes it does all the work for you and it smells great

five stars 02 May 2015

No effort needed!

A great product that does a great job at looking after your alloys without eating in to them. Being able to dilute to what you want is great and if you follow what Valet Pro recommend it lasts and lasts... Spray, leave, pressure wash off and 90% of the hard work is done! Smells lovely too.

five stars 30 Apr 2015

Goes miles!

I do track days and this just shifts all the dust with ease, watered down it just lasts forever.

Jo Tilbury
five stars 30 Apr 2015

Amazing Wheel Cleaner

This stuff is amazing and very good value for money - minimal effort to clean the wheels

Edward Welford
three stars 28 Apr 2015

Struggling to see the fuss

After people telling me what a good product valet pro bilberry was, I thought I better see what all the fuss was about. I threw bilberry in at the deep end, on my Volkswagen Amarok wheels which are always caked in brake dust. I diluted the bilberry about 1:2 parts water so quite a strong wash, and wasn't extremely impressed. The wheels hadn't been washed in three weeks, it doesn't seem that long but the wheels are horrendous for brake dust. The bilberry was left to soak for about 5 minutes, and then powerwashed off using an industrial pressure washer, and lots of residue still remained. I did the same again, but it still couldn't remove the most ingrained dust off. (I used wonder wheels later to remove it). The product worked perfectly on the rear wheels, but not well on the front. I need to try it on my other cars which get cleaned more regularly and see if the results are better. I would think the product works fine on regularly clean wheels, but less so with ones that haven't had much attention before. However, it is good value and lasts quite a while!

Chris M
five stars 13 Aug 2013

Turbo Alloys

I'm very precious of my 997 2- tone turbo alloys on my C2S. I diluted this product 100ml then topped up to a litre of water in a UF spray bottle. Even in low concentration it works really well against dirt and brake dust and hasn't affected the finish on my alloys which is my top priority. Wheels are waxed which helps maintain them but this product helps make the job easy. I will buy more when I've used my first 5l but as it goes a long way it won't be soon! Bilberry is a great buy! I haven't used it at higher concentration but will review again if I do.

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