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SCANGRIP Hand-Held & Detailing Studio Lights

Scangrip UK Detailing Lights

Scangrip manufactures a range of work light solutions for the detailing and automotive industry. Scangrip has taken into account the specialist nature of detailing and designed high-intensity lighting that can be positioned and manoeuvred around as required.

Using COB (chip on board) LED technology, Scangrip lighting provides a uniform spread of light and most lamps offer a choice between warmer light (4500K) and colder (6500K), to perfectly illuminate paintwork defects, no matter the colour of paintwork being corrected.

All Scangrip lights are robustly constructed, carrying dust and water proof IP ratings (IP67). Fixed lamps also carry a shock proof rating of IK07.

Whether you need a small, pocket-sized light for on the spot inspection, or full lighting with support stands for detailing studios, Scangrip provides professional solutions to suit every situation.