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Volkswagen Golf R32 MKIV - Lee Hedgecock - Winner May 2011

Entered for the May 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Lee Hedgecock

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf R32 MKIV

Year: 2003

Viewed: 7797 times.

Votes/Comments: 111

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Volkswagen Golf R32 MKIV
Volkswagen Golf R32 MKIV
Volkswagen Golf R32 MKIV
Volkswagen Golf R32 MKIV

Products Used

How Lee Used Our Products

This is my 2003 R32 MKIV in Deep Pearlescent Blue, 3 door. I start by foaming the car with Valet Pro PH Neutral Snow Foam and leave to dwell for 10 minutes whilst i agitate the badges, grille, tyres with Autosmart G101 and wheel arches. The car is then rinsed down and washed with chemical guys citrus wash using a sonus sheepskin mitt. Car is then rinsed again. I then apply Autosmart Tardis to the bottom half of the car, leave 5 minutes then wipe off with a microfibre to remove tar spots.

Wheels are then sprayed with Bilberry and Iron-X and agitated with detailing brush. Car is then rinsed again to remove residue and dried off with a fluffy towel. Once dry, i apply Dodo Juice Lime Prime to cleanse the paintwork ready for the glaze. This is left on for 15 minutes before being buffed off. Poorboys Black Hole is then applied in a thin layer and left to haze for 15 minutes then buffed off.

I then apply 2 coats of Collinite 476s wax which is left to haze for 20 minutes each layer then buffed. Tyres dressed with Meguiars Endurance Gel, windows wiped with Autoglym Fast Glass, exhaust tips with Meguiars Metal Polish and interior wiped down with Sonus Cockpit Detailer. Wheels sealed with Poorboys Wheel sealant.

Interior hoovered and car inspected. All done!!

Comments from Voters

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  • very very nice car m8

  • Clean, crisp, gorgeous - nice work!

  • Lovely VW!

  • bang tidy

  • Look spotless!

  • Top Job, beautifuly clean car

  • how did you do that ? must have took hours

  • superb finish, full credit to you for the time and effort put in m8

  • Very very nice car

  • a Fix Or Repair Daily beating a dub, let alone an R32!!!!! Fantastic car mate

  • Stunning!!! : )

  • Awesome car. Very jealous

  • Great finish, DBP shown to its very best!

  • Very nice car,

  • stunning example.

  • WoW, Floorless

  • Amazing work! Man I'm jealous!

  • Man, I wish my mk4 looked as good as that! Great work

  • Awesome man! Makes me want an .:R!

  • Nice motor, ill have one someday :) lol

  • Absolutely beautiful mate, would love one of these

  • Nice R. The MK4 is a classic shape.

  • stunning example of one of the best cars ever made

  • Great looking finish on the car! Shiny cars will always turn heads! Good effort!!

  • very smart

  • wow. immaculate

  • WoW this looks amazing, the finish looks so well applied. very good job :P

  • one very fine looking R32, well looked after. and a lot of hard work gone in there , congratulations

  • fantastic car mate, cannot wait till i get one!!

  • Very clean

  • A motor like the R32 deserves a top detail,nice job mate. Looks stunning!

  • car is looking bang tidy

  • R32s will always be a much prized car and this one stands out as one of the best looking. Gleaming

  • Lovely motor mate

  • Stunning car! what an example! Won't find many R32's in better condition

  • Amazing looking car, maybe one day own my own

  • Stunning Looking R32, I Used to have one & loved Driving it with the V6 Soundtrack!!

  • WOAH...stunning example! Great job...good luck...

  • Awesome car and quality detail -top job!

  • the best shine ever mate

  • thats awsome mate love that colour

  • looks mint

  • Awesome looking car mate, clearly cherished!

  • Mmmm shiny shiny, looks top notch. From a fellow DPB R32 owner

  • Looks stunning, I wish makes me want an r32! ;)

  • Nice looking car and a great shine , James Caxton01

  • Best colour & never seen one so clean! Feel free to practise on mine!

  • real nice, lovely deep shine!

  • Nice Finish on the R32.... Fastest colour too!

  • You can't beat a freshly polished DBP R!

  • nearly as good as mine lol mint mate really looking good :)

  • Car looks great mate, real credit to you

  • Love it. Looks like a liquid glass finish !

  • Pristine example R32, keep up the hard work, uk-mkiv's FTW!

  • awesome car m8 :)

  • Amazing car, best colour for the r32 imo

  • Not bad for a sponge and fairy liquid eh? :;)

  • wicked clean job on your R32 mate wish mine shone like that lol!!!!

  • Very shiny, nice work

  • Awesome shine - well done.

  • Prime example of a well kept car, well done mate 5*

  • Looks stunning and has a great finish!

  • Very nice r mate, love them in that colour!!

  • Awesome looking R32. Looks better than it would have done out of the showroom. Stunning!

  • Lovely car mate, I need a r32 in my life!

  • looks gorgeous mate, very jealous ;)

  • awesome job mate!

  • looks better then brand new.....better then perfect.

  • Very Nice! lovely and shiney! Top stuff

  • Looks stunning mate, would love to see a fellow mkiv owner take this. it's deserved!

  • Slick machine

  • Fantastic result. Nice one.

  • I think I need you to come clean my car... that is one shiny car!!! :D

  • Awesome R32 :)

  • lovely car!!!

  • Car looks as good as it left the factory if not better, deep shine bringing out that awesome colour

  • Very nice R32 and it's in the fastest colour!!!

  • Silky looking finish to an awesome R there pal !

  • Very nice looking R yu have there and its in the best colour DBP!!!

  • lovely example of the iconic MK4 R32

  • Very nice R mate looks fantastic

  • Stunning finish well worth the effort!

  • Extremely tidy example - lots of time and effort gone into that. Well done to that man!

  • Nice looking R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FANTASTIC example of the Golf R32, and obviously well looked after.

  • Looks amazing mate.

  • Quality Looking Motor, Looking V Nice.

  • Awesome motor, well looked after and a great example!

  • if carlsberg did cars they wouldnt be this good, awsomje car in the best colour too =)

  • Now that what I call I good detail, love the way the Deep blue pops, amazing !

  • love the MK4 R32 you have a great looking example

  • Looks sweeeeeet :)

  • Awesome clean looking motor.

  • Awesome Machine, goes like stink

  • Beautiful Car

  • Its and R32, WICKED!! driver is a star...

  • That is one sexy looking car!! Gotta be a winner! Can't beat a damn good golf!!

  • superb mate, you done a good job at looking after that!! Well done!!

  • Great car that, looks amazingly clean and well looked after! Good job!

  • Wow! Stunning looking motor, that blue is really eye catching, not something you see everyday!

  • May need some advise once I have bought myself a MKV R32, very impressive

  • The shine on this .:R is incredible. Car looks amazing :)

  • Nice looking car mate..mkiv R32 rocks

  • Car is looking lovely Lee...Acredit to your hard work

  • Lee lives for his car. Any more polish and he will wear his hand out. He just loves driving

  • What a stunner of a car this young man deserves to win he works so hard on achieving the best look

  • Wow what a clean car!!!!

  • Whenever I see this R32 cruising through Chirk, it always catches my eye!

  • Lee's paintwork looks stunning even in the harsh winter conditions, he is always gleaming!

  • An Amazing Show Room finish, Outstanding Shine.

  • :-) looks stunning

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