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Meguiar's Endurance Tyre Gel (473ml)

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Show-Stopping High Shine Tyres.

Never will your tyres looks so good for so long. The unique formulation of Endurance Tyre Gel stops tyres from turning brown and keeps them rich, high gloss black for weeks, through rain and shine. As it's a gel, less mess is created as the problems of overspray and drip marks on driveways are eliminated.

Use the Meguiars Tyre Dressing Applicator for the easiest tyre dressing application, plus the added benefit of priming a sponge after the first use, meaning you waste less product compared to other application methods. The Meguiars Endurance will stay wet in the applicator pot until the next use.

One of the favourites amongst professional detailers, Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel can last weeks at a time and as layers are built up the gloss will become deeper and deeper. Note that strong pre-wash, wheel cleaners or any degreasing cleaners will strip endurance from the tyre. As a high silicone based tyre dressing, Meguiars have developed a product which can bond to your tyre's surface and give a deep gloss; lasting longer than water based tyre dressing which can wash off in the rain or every time the car is washed.

Prevent your tyres from turning brown and eventually cracking by applying Meguiars Endurance Tyre Dressing every few months or more frequently if the ultimate deep shine look is wanted.


  • Tyres stay black with a dark rich, high gloss finish
  • No spray spots, no drips and no more stained driveways
  • Last longer than others so will save you money.

How To Use:

  • Clean the wheels and tyres
  • Apply to dry, cool tyres only
  • Add a few drops to the Meguiars Tyre Dressing Applicator
  • Spread evenly over the tyre
  • Allow to dry
  • Repeat for a deeper gloss if required

Size: 473ml


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 23 Nov 2016

Love this product

Love the Megs tyre gel, I personally like the satin look you get by applying as normal then buffing with a cloth, makes tyres look new and leaves a long lasting finish.

John Evans
four stars 23 Jun 2015

very good quality product

Excellent quality product for the price, but read the instructions and use a quality applicator; i.e. do not over use, spread evenly and carefully and then wipe off thoroughly. If you don't you will get spray over your car. I apply to all four wheels, then wipe carefully with a dense microfibre.

five stars 14 May 2015


I have been using this for a while and it always works well. I apply it using a brush generally give it two coats if time allows the tyres shine up well and it does last for a while

Edward Wellford
five stars 28 Apr 2015

Best tyre shine yet

The best tyre shine I have used and probably will use. It gives an ultimate glossy look to tyres, which is extremely durable and produced excellent beading, the next time you come to wash it! I had tried lots of foams, sprays etc and none impressed (except gyeon tyres which was very good but didn't leave them shiny for as long). The way which I apply this product is different to the instructions. I find the best way is to cut up and use a sponge to apply it. Apply with one sponge, not applying too much and then once you have gone round all four tyres, get another sponge and remove any residue away, this should avoid throw-off as the other people have mentioned, as I have never had a problem with throw off before. A 500ml bottle lasts ages if you use it sparingly, I wash about 5 cars (so 20 tyre walls a week) and after about 4months I have still only used half a bottle. A fantastic product that I couldn't recommend highly enough.

two stars 09 Jul 2012

Lovely tyres, bad throw off

Very good wet look on the tyres, however even after leaving overnight there was lots of throw off down the side of my car :-( Good to apply once at a show Not so good for day to day driving

five stars 01 Feb 2011

Shine on!

Very impressed, gel is a little more viscous than most other tyre gels I have experienced, hence after my 1st use had a bit of "throw off", now I've gotten used to not applying as much it works a treat. Using the meguires tyre dressing applicator is the best way forward, then after about 5 to 10 minutes I add a very fine layer with a half inch paint brush to even out the coating.

three stars 29 Aug 2010

not as i hoped

I purchased this with very high hopes as Meguiar's have very good products...superb shine..easy to apply but was spoilt by the throw off down the sides of my car..now waiting for Mothers Tyre Shine

four stars 13 Jun 2010

Not perfect

This product provides an excellent, long lasting gloss finish. The problem I found was that I still got throw-off down the sides of my car even after leaving it to dry overnight.

G. Smith
five stars 25 Feb 2010

shiney new tyres

I have found the best way to get your tyres as new is as follows, first I use a wire brush and rub all around the tyre being careful not to catch the alloy wheels, once that is done I apply 1 coat of tyre gel using the Meguiar's applicator, leave for about 20min to dry, then apply another coat, leaves your tyres as new.

five stars 18 Jun 2009

Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel

Excellent - not a large bottle but you dont need much. OK the initial wet look gloss fades after 2-3weeks, but the blackness of the coating on the tyre wall lasts for 6-8 weeks, so you dont need to use the gel very often.

five stars 01 Jun 2008

brilliant product you only use a small amount really on each tyre and shine is the ultimate wet look i have washed the car and its poured down with rain and the high gloss shine is still there

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