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Jaguar S-Type R - D Green

Entered for the May 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: D Green

Make: Jaguar

Model: S-Type R

Year: 2003

Viewed: 3904 times.

Votes/Comments: 11

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Jaguar S-Type R
Jaguar S-Type R
Jaguar S-Type R
Jaguar S-Type R

Products Used

How D Used Our Products

Start off using the Gilmour Foammaster gun to snow foam the car, leave for 10 mins and rinse. Snow foam a second time and agitate gently, then rinse again. Then used Meguiars Bug & Tar remover on lower half of the car. Use the Meguiars bucket & grit guard and wash mitt with GC Shampoo to clean inside the wheel arches. Fresh bucket of GC Shampoo and Megs lambs wool wash mitt to clean the rest of the car. Rinsed with hose connected to Aqua-gleam 0ppm filter. Engine is cleaned with Engine cleaner then dressed. Wheels cleaned using Megs Hot Rims Wheel cleaner with Spoke brush and wheel brush. Alloys are then polished with NXT Metal polish. Tyres are dressed with Endurance Tyre Gel. Used Ultimate Compound with Meguiars Dual action polisher all round the car, repeated again with Ultra finishing polish, and finally machine waxed with Hi-Tech Yellow paste. Exterior plastic trim and rubber treated with Megs Ultimate Protectant, all Glass is cleaned with Glass Cleaner, clear plastic with Plastx. Interior leather treated with AutoGlym leather cleaner and balm. Interior carpets and roof hoovered with dyson, plastic cleaned with Quick Detailer. Took forever!

Comments from Voters

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  • WOW!

  • WOW, thats one clean car!!

  • That is the cleanest car I have ever seen. Woah.

  • Brilliant!

  • Wow, that's one clean car

  • Too, too clean - has it ever been driven?

  • Great car

  • Shiny

  • Very clean car, can you come and clean mine?

  • tidy

  • The best clean car in this competition.

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