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Meguiar's Luxury Lambswool Wash Mitt

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Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt
Meguiars Luxury Lambswool Wash Mitt
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Luxurious Lambswool Wash Mitt

This soft and gentle lambswool wash mitt is ideal for sensitive finishes that mark easily.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lambswool fibres lift & trap dirt & grime reducing risk of scratching
  • Non-abrasive mesh bug remover on reverse
  • Comfort-fit cuff
  • Hand wash only

Customer Reviews

Connor Stevens
four stars 01 Dec 2014


Never use a sponge again ever! I've had this about 2 months and I would recommend anyone to have this. Lovely and soft and it was my first ever mitt. Lifts and removes dirt. It was lambtastic held up great but sadly time for a new one as the wool is falling out. Thought about getting another one but I'm going to try another brand. So much nicer to use than the Swissvax Washpudel. Definitely a great starter if you've never had a mitt.

two stars 25 Aug 2013

Works well, but not for long

I bought this mitt a while ago, and was pleased with it at first. Lifted the dirt nicely and felt nice to use with a decent bug removal on the back. Unfortunately after a couple of washes it quickly started losing wool. I really tried to look after it washing it thoroughly and drying it after each use but its now nearly completely had it. I have bought a Bilt-Hamber item as a replacement with this left to dirty duties.

one stars 10 Jul 2012


Very disappointed with this product. Used it twice. Washed how it was recommended on the pack. Went to use it a 3rd time and it fell to pieces. The two times I used it though it worked very well. Shame on the poor quality.

five stars 03 Nov 2011


After dismissing these for a long time just bought my first and 'life is good' - Better than I expected and far superior to any sponge the planet has to offer

Simon Clements
four stars 29 Mar 2010

Pretty impressed. Seemed to glide more easily over the car than my microfibre one. However, it doesn't seem to sud up the shampoo as much. But then that makes less to rinse off.

four stars 18 Jun 2009

Meguiar's lambswool wash mitt

Not bad. Easy to use. First few washes left a few hairs behind, but this gets better. Holds a fair amount of soap/water so not so many visits to the bucket.

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