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Mazda MX-5 - Ian Cowan

Entered for the September 2011 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ian Cowan

Make: Mazda

Model: MX-5

Year: 2006

Viewed: 5666 times.

Votes/Comments: 150

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Mazda MX-5
Mazda MX-5
Mazda MX-5
Mazda MX-5

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How Ian Used Our Products

Bought this car earlier this year second hand. Car was in a very poor state. Paintwork had never been cleaned. You could sand wood on the bodywork it was that rough.

1.Hood clean: Cleaned inside with Milton sterilising solution, rinsed outside then washed 3 times with scrubbing brush using Johnson’s Blue baby bath. Dried and sealed with fabsil. Hood like new.

2.Car - This actually took several weeks.

a. Rinsed and mild wash with fairy. Clayed 9 times all over. Clayed windscreen 3 times and clayed headlight lenses 2 times.

b. Out with the Makita. Various pads starting with cutting and using the Megs 3 step process.

c. Washed with Megs and dried with water magnet.

d. Wet sanded front bumper and headlight lenses. Polished headlight lenses and front bumper to mirror finish.

e. Removed all wheels and clayed 6 years of ingrained brake dust, hand polished and sealed.

f. De-rusted hubs and callipers and backing plates. Wire wooled then painted with Hammerite using my badger spray gun.

g. Removed rear exhaust and polished whole lot to a mirror finish.

h. Went for a drive and enjoyed it :-)

Thank you for looking.

Comments from Voters

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  • Beautiful.

  • Magnificent example of an mx5 - the car that brought reliable sportscar ownership back to the masses

  • perfect!

  • looking good

  • brilliant job!

  • !

  • very shiney

  • Wow!

  • A credit to all your hard work

  • top finish

  • very nice

  • Shiney

  • Even Mr Happy would be pleased with that

  • Count Dracula would see his reflection in that.

  • Looks aMAZDAing

  • Top man

  • Lovely looking car, clearly a lot of work put into this

  • Brill, well done

  • Super

  • Looks wonderful

  • just got to love the MX5s and this is pretty special too

  • Liking it a lot

  • Lovely!

  • Top Job, looks amazing

  • Absolutely Stunning!!

  • You got my vote, lovely job.

  • Good Job Ian

  • Just wow

  • Rockin'!!

  • Stunning car.

  • Beautiful!!

  • Love the colour.

  • Loving the shine

  • Fantastic job

  • Blue isn't my colour, but this is changing my mind, looks fantastic : )

  • Brilliant finish on a brilliant (blue) car ~ top man.

  • Fantastic

  • Testing

  • Nice job :-)

  • Go faster that wasp is getting close

  • Fabulous blue!

  • Super job

  • Very nice have my vote

  • Beautiful example of an Mx5

  • pity you're so far away :) would love to go for a drive in this shining beauty! well done!

  • very nice looks great well done

  • Nice Motor

  • Nice detailing, Ian

  • nice looking i wonder if the same results could be done and a 40yr old spitfire

  • Bumpity bump!

  • looking nice!,,,, want to do mine?

  • h. Went for a drive and enjoyed it :-) always the best bit!

  • not long to go

  • looks amazing

  • groovy car man

  • Looks lovely. good job

  • very nice :-)

  • Excellent work!

  • Very nice colour - you have done your QQ Proud - s30jok

  • eye catching colour due to a master finish

  • Nice finish

  • Stunning motor great colour true dedication to detailing

  • Looks like a winner to me !!! That is spot on fella, Well done for all your hard work :-)

  • Better than New!

  • Best by Far

  • A labour of Love!

  • Absolutely stunning, well done!

  • That's one very nice shiney car !!

  • tasty little motor.....sweet as a nut!!!

  • Looking the part there mate, well done.

  • The car is a credit to the guy..... stunning!

  • Nice work I.

  • Ooh shiny car is shiny! Kitty approves of this. Nice work mate.

  • Nice!!!

  • Mirror, mirror...............

  • Sharp looking finish Ian ..... niqashqai

  • If only all new cars looked that good

  • Do not let others catch Hamish

  • Can you do mine next?

  • mx5 oc

  • mx5oc

  • Incredible amount of effort, but so worth it.

  • a great turn round

  • Fantastic job good luck

  • Great car, blue is best

  • Very nice looking 5 Ian.

  • What a superb looking motor car.

  • Lovely professional finish

  • Wish i had the time and patience to make mine look like this!

  • Excellent finish

  • spot on looks amazing

  • Very very very nice finish you got there. I like

  • nice car,nearly as clean as mine!

  • Lovely shine and a top car! now where's my Meguirs polish....

  • If I send you my address will you do mine please - yours looks spectacular

  • Fab.... Like a mirror! Love it

  • Beautiful finish---Lovely colour

  • Very nice


  • Great looking car

  • Shiny Shiny..Good Job...Subways Rock....

  • Luverly job Hamish, a Credit to you....Aff

  • Nice Work.

  • Great finish

  • well done beautiful result - must have taken DONKEY's years ....

  • now that really is the ULTIMATE FINISH well done a lot of hard work done but WELL worth it

  • Amazing finish

  • What a shine

  • Close call between this and the Lotus but the blue really pops for me :)

  • Seen the hard work that goes into it!

  • a real headturner well done

  • just like your Qashqai it looks the dogs b@ll@cks

  • He deserves a medal for such high quality results.

  • Outstanding example of the gorgeous mx5 mk3 in Winning Blue

  • simply amazing amanda

  • wizz kid

  • very nice

  • Amazing what you can do with a Brillo Pad and some Vim.....

  • Absolute Stunner.... have you seen the driver??? lol

  • Wow, so much elbow grease has gone into this much shininess. Well Done Ian. Lush car.

  • best mazda out there superb job..if this was mine i would have it as a fridge magnet lol

  • what a excellent fantastic job well done.......................the stig

  • lovely motor lovely lad

  • Now that is an Ultimate Finish. Looks like lots of hard work has paid off. Good Job.

  • great shine,keep up the good work

  • great looker

  • your hard work has paid off-looks great

  • ooo very shiny......nice....

  • A cracking start to the ultimate finish

  • Looking Good!!!!

  • Awesome Ian !!

  • good job looks better than new

  • oooooh shiny shiny. reflection perfection mate. QQK

  • Looking good

  • Great looking car shines like a mirror Brill !!!!.

  • Congratulations on the Amazing finish , must have taken hours upon hours of defecated work

  • Nice one Ian

  • thats one clean mazda ................. CF

  • Great job!!!! Looks like the day it came out of the showroom.

  • Very nice shine

  • nice!

  • Lot of hard work but it shows on the finish

  • Looking Good

  • Wow - she's a beauty and a credit to your hard work.

  • Cracking Looking motor, its been cleaned up extremely well :-)

  • Very nice finish. Give you a Tenner for it ;o)

  • excellent finish and attention to detail

  • thta looks mint

  • I've always loved that blue colour, looking nice

  • Good Job, looks like the Day it came off the Line....

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