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Peugeot 106 - Lindsay Noble - Winner November 2008

Entered for the November 2008 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Lindsay Noble

Make: Peugeot

Model: 106

Year: 1997

Viewed: 7883 times.

Votes/Comments: 148

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Peugeot 106
Peugeot 106
Peugeot 106

Products Used

How Lindsay Used Our Products

Wash car first to ensure its clean and grit free. Moisten the Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Bar (you must ensure that the clay bar is always damp/wet) rub it on the car and do it in small sections in a circular motion applying lots of elbow grease, then wash off/polish to seal the clay bar. Paint work should then be smooth to touch with no rough spots. If there are still rough spots, you will need to go over those areas again.

Comments from Voters

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  • Beautiful car, very nice indeed! - good products used.

  • wow - BLACK!!!! Rallye, uber rare - deserves to win on that merit alone


  • The ultimate number one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ULTIMATE write up ULTIMATE car ULTIMATE finish

  • good job well done!!

  • lovely finish

  • I am in love with your car

  • very shiney


  • number one - ultimate finish!

  • well looked after car

  • what an ultimate finish

  • nice finish

  • amazing - welcome round anytime to do mine

  • superb looking car, gotta love the rallyes

  • great write up and great results

  • gorgeous, and a real rare sight, lovely car.

  • like looking through glass

  • gorgeous car

  • awesome id buy this if i could afford it regardles of if it was for sale or not :D

  • lovely rallye

  • Awesome bit of kit

  • <3

  • stunning and rare

  • Beautiful

  • Nice rallye

  • loovely rallye

  • nice car you got

  • I want that shine, given age etc this is by far the the best

  • FANTASTIC condition

  • bring on the summer..... I want that shine!

  • Mucho respect for the amount of effort you have taken

  • Superb results

  • Seen at our local meets - always impresses

  • squeaky clean

  • Tip top condition


  • Peugeot only ever made 3 good cars and this is one of them!

  • Pure class

  • Tasty car

  • Sent this on as it deserves lots of votes - its pure mint - no faded paint on this

  • lush

  • Lindsay, please come round and clean my car - you do a much better job :0)

  • Very clean, a well deserved winner in my opinion

  • Really like this great hot hatch

  • Lovely detail - great result

  • Got sent this from a friend - wanted to vote to tell you how sweet your car is

  • I have a black car and know how hard they are to get them to really shine

  • Thats really, really nice - let me know if ever you want to sell it!!

  • I really want to give this a go

  • Thats a true shine from lots of tlc

  • now thats shiny

  • Sweet finish

  • Just perfect

  • fantastic motor

  • Can you come and do mine please.....

  • I really like the pictures - they show the cars shine perfectly

  • Thats so bonny

  • MINT

  • This is my inspiration for the summer

  • Gosh, your arm must really hurt

  • love the photo's they are great

  • yummy

  • This deserves to win - its the shinest by a mile

  • Hope you win

  • truely stunning - cleanest car of them all

  • what a fantastic achievement - will get my friend

  • That must have taken ages!! congrats

  • agree with all the comments on here

  • Its nice when you know that all your hard work has paid off

  • I really like your car - so clean

  • very clean!!

  • love the shine

  • Good instructions,,,if only the sun can come out now!!

  • gorgeous


  • Black is hard to clean, shows up everything..........but this is one hell of a clean one

  • What a nice car you have

  • Love the pics - good close ups

  • Puts any car to shame with a shine like that! and thats an 11year old car

  • This car does have the ultimate finish

  • great deep shine

  • what a lovely Rallye

  • shiney, shiney, shiney

  • Fantastic effort, a lot of work has gone into that shine.

  • This car has the UNTIMATE FINISH!!!

  • cor blimey...if ever you fancy a swap.......

  • I vote this car to win - that shine is immence

  • not a spot of dirt on that!!

  • top job!!


  • wish my car came out like that - keep up the good work

  • No 1 shinest / cleanest car - no rough areas on that... or stone chips for that matter

  • my vote to you to win!!

  • wow - that reflection looks like glass

  • what an amazing shine

  • what an inspiration to others

  • thats one clean car you have - I am jealous!

  • What a good write up - thanks for the tips :0)

  • 106 Rallye - uber rare car - especially in a Black - glad to see that its being kept mint!!!

  • stunning, totally stunning - cudos to the owner

  • what a credit to you

  • amazingly clean

  • second the earlier comment about being clean enough to eat off!!

  • I could eat my dinner off that!!

  • Great deap reflections - nothing better that a clean car

  • HOW CLEAN??!!

  • I am off to buy some.......

  • lovely car...... lovely and clean!!!

  • This car is a real head turner - very rare indeed - only 3 LHD in this country if I am corrected.

  • What a spotless finish

  • I use the clay bar and know what hard work it takes to bring up a car- deserves the win

  • You deserve to win this comp for such a fantastic job - no other car is this mint

  • Number 1

  • Seen this around and its ALWAY shining - never seen this car dirty

  • Simply Amazing

  • Number 1 fan of your car

  • brilliant work

  • inspiration to us all

  • I am off to buy some clay

  • Totally lush

  • such a nice job

  • great

  • truly stunning

  • nice and clean

  • love the car - black is very hard to keep clean

  • best looker around

  • just lush

  • I want it. Well looked after. 11yr old car which easly challanges the new cars paint

  • fantastic shine, well done

  • Totally love it!

  • wow - I am gonna give that a go if it comes out like that

  • that is one hell of a shine

  • great effort - well done

  • I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keep up the good work

  • loving the shine on that

  • lovely Rallye

  • amazing - a lot of hard work has gone into that

  • Keep up the good work - claying a car takes a LOT of hard work


  • I cant get my black car looking as clean as yours - good job

  • Great reflections!!

  • Beautiful - nice to see these classic hot hatches being looked after so well.

  • I wish my car was as shining looking as yours when clean

  • Stunning

  • WOW thats one clean 106 rallye

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