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Volkswagen Passat CC - David Harvey

Entered for the January 2012 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: David Harvey

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Passat CC

Year: 2010

Viewed: 4776 times.

Votes/Comments: 67

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Volkswagen Passat CC
Volkswagen Passat CC
Volkswagen Passat CC
Volkswagen Passat CC

Products Used

How David Used Our Products

I have a Black Passat CC, which I use every day to go to work, driving on A roads to muddy narrow tracks. As such I have always been keen to keep my car clean. Over the past year, my fiancée has bought me the listed products and following this Christmas, I felt I had enough to have a real good stab at achieving “The Ultimate Finish” and therefore entering the competition.

So with a post Christmas hangover and the weather unseasonably mild, I set about cleaning my car last week.

Firstly, I power washed (Karcher K3.550) the car from top to bottom, then went around with the Autoglym Tar Remover and cloths to remove any spots that were visible. Once cleaned off, I power washed these areas again. Next the wheels were treated with Autoglym’s Clean Wheel, brushed and power washed.

Then using the Dodo Juice I shampooed the car. I read on this website about the 2 bucket method, so even though I have the Meguiar’s Grit Guard bucket, I still have a separate bucket with clean water in to wash the Lambswool mitt off before soaping it up again. I also used two mitts to clean the car, one used only on the roof, windows, top half of door panels, bonnet and boot, and the other to do the lower half and bumpers. All to try to stop transferring dirt and grit around the car.

Power washed off again, and dried using the Chamois. Once dry, the Auto clay bar was worked over the whole car, using the microfiber towels and chamois to dry the areas again.

The Poorboy’s Black Hole was worked over the whole car, applying it with the pads, and polishing off with the microfiber cloths. Once all buffed off, I went back over the car, with the Collinite Wax. All windows were treated with the Rain-X, which was buffed off.

Finally I treated the wheels with the Autoglym’s Instant Tyre Dressing. I also applied a little of this to a cloth and touched up any of the plastic and rubber bits (e.g. the inside of the VW badge) to enhance the black.

I moved the car on to the grass for my fiancée to take the pictures; I hope you all think the effort was worth it, and like the photographs!

Many Thanks.

Comments from Voters

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  • great job!

  • Well done!

  • shiny, shiny, car!

  • ultimate finish!

  • good mirror finish

  • beautiful finish - you really must have worked hard on that

  • Well done mate, really nice car

  • one word - wow!

  • Well nice!

  • brilliant!!!

  • Nice wheels - you can clean my car anyday!

  • Well done!

  • Well done

  • looking good

  • Excellent finish!

  • Good luck!

  • cool car

  • wow, well done

  • Maniac finish!

  • What a wonderfully clean car!

  • That's one shiny car you now have! thanks for the advice, but feel free to practice on mine anytime

  • dude!!!

  • nice

  • THE ultimate finish!

  • gorgeous!

  • smart car

  • looks like you really worked hard?

  • Cool!

  • love the roof shot!

  • Super shiny

  • It looks fantastic!

  • Amazing shine!

  • Mint finish!

  • good job

  • Well done - looks like you really worked hard

  • cool car

  • Wow!

  • Great! Really like it!

  • Fantastic shine on such a dull winter's day!

  • brilliant!

  • I wish my car looked like that!

  • Thats an awesome finish - I wish mine looked this good!

  • Very nice - you could set up a business with finishes like this..

  • Thats impressive - I'm going to give it a go..

  • Awesome finish!

  • So shiny I can see my face in it!

  • if you look after your fiancee' a good as your car then she's a lucky lady!!!! great bodywork...

  • Wow, thats all I need to say....

  • If you win will you repay all votes by cleaning our cars??

  • Flawless finish!

  • Beautiful car! Amazing shine

  • Mirror finish, superb

  • dave so deserves this

  • Wow, I wish my car was that shiny. Might just have to buy some of the products and give it a try

  • i would like to vote for Dave Harveys car

  • What a finish!

  • Excellent clean. Must get my husband to try this!

  • WOW!! What a fantastically clean and shiny car. So jealous!

  • Wow - that looks amazing!

  • Nice finish

  • Looks fantastic!

  • Simply brilliant! The best one of all! Not a single fault! Well done!

  • Wow what a shine it looks better than showroom new cars, you can come and clean my car now plz

  • At least it keeps him out of trouble

  • Wow! It looks fantastic! Thanks for the tips too!

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