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Toyota Supra - Matt Smith

Entered for the December 2008 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Matt Smith

Make: Toyota

Model: Supra

Year: 1994

Viewed: 6610 times.

Votes/Comments: 245

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Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra

Products Used

How Matt Used Our Products

When I got my car 4 years ago it was in a sorry state - faded paintwork, swirl marks and light scratches. It was in desperate need of a few coats of polish immediately. After washing the car thoroughly I applied Regulars Scratch-X all over (applying like you would with polish) - this took out many of the surface scratches and faded layer of paint.

After this I applied the Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover - this makes a very easy job of getting rid of ground on tar without scrubbing your paint abrasively. You will then need to add several layers of polish to built up the layer you have just removed and seal it in - basically keep applying until your car stops absorbing the wax up. I then add one coat of gloss protection.

I repeat this every month and Meguiars Scratch-X maybe once a year or when necessary.

Comments from Voters

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  • Great

  • Retro

  • Good combination of cleaning products

  • I would be proud to have that on my drive

  • Cor..I would trade my missus in for that!!!

  • Wheels look great on the car.!!

  • Lovely condition

  • Loved the Supra's since I was a kid - this lives up to every memory of them

  • I was told to vote for the mintest car..... and this was it!!!!

  • Told my family & friends they must vote for this

  • Wish we had this sort of comp in the States


  • deserves a prize to you for all your work

  • cracking effort

  • Noi worthier car

  • Like looking into a mirror

  • Superb reflections there

  • Ultimate Finish

  • Lovely Supra Matt

  • Go GB Supra

  • I'm in Surrey too....if ever you feel like getting mine as mint :0)

  • This is one hell of a mint car

  • Stunning as always Matt

  • Gleaming

  • Mint.

  • You've done a top job there fella

  • 100% deserves number1

  • great colour - shiny

  • Polished to perfection

  • Good luck. From the Supra Club in USA

  • We love our Supra's out here in the states too

  • Nice gleaming shine mate.

  • Puts any car to shame

  • Drum roll, drum roll...we have a winner

  • Everything on this car is spot on.

  • A1 Condition

  • A++++++++

  • well done!!!

  • great condition and well looked after,

  • fabulous job, well done.

  • Your gonna polish it away!!!!!!!!!

  • The only car I cant see any swirl marks on

  • thats really sweet mate

  • All time favourite by far

  • Thats easy on the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hard work eh!

  • I'd better get polishing mine

  • That's one hell of a good shine

  • Top shine on the Supra

  • Nice shine

  • Nice and clean

  • well done for all your work

  • 2nd place isn't right

  • Close call on votes....but, this is a clear winner on age and beauty

  • Bumpage

  • TTT

  • Sublime job

  • Pure clean finish

  • thats mental

  • Dunno where my other vote went!!??

  • Thats a sweet bit of kit you have there

  • Worthy

  • Where are my shades???!!!!!

  • This one right here is the winner

  • very nice work slick

  • Congratulations on all the hard work

  • excellent reflections

  • nice colour

  • Showing my support for a fellow Supra club member

  • nice!!!

  • Just seen this from a mate - 100% in agreement with all comments

  • loving the 1st pic

  • Good mixture of products used

  • glass finish

  • nice wheels, nice supra

  • Great mods

  • amazing responses - congratulations

  • really, really well done

  • stunning pictures

  • thats simply stunning

  • just beautiful

  • Super Sexy Supra

  • nice one

  • love the meguiars products

  • if only mine was that clean

  • my unlimate car

  • old skool - cool

  • nice blitz exhaust

  • tis very yummy

  • I like the pictures

  • thats one cared for supra

  • fabulous shine

  • All the cars look good - but this is an old car so extra work is always needed

  • crackin motor.... thats why I own one too

  • sweet wheels you got there

  • you have done such a fab job

  • I wanna see more pics

  • nice MSB

  • lovely reflections

  • totally cool

  • Passed on

  • very lush

  • Top job as always Matt

  • real nice

  • a serious amount of hard work has gone into that

  • I admire all your hard work

  • fantastic condition

  • spunky car

  • What a cool supra

  • Thats super clean

  • Thats one hell of a shine

  • all I can say is wow

  • Number 1 all the way

  • This HAS to win

  • look at that shine!

  • cool

  • droole

  • Go Supra

  • Your arm must be hurting

  • Tis very nice indeed

  • Lovely car! Such a nice finish

  • well impressed, photos dont do it justice

  • great car

  • thats a really nice and unusual colour

  • looking very clean

  • what alloys are they? I really like them

  • so sexy

  • please come and do mine

  • nice

  • I like that alot

  • The paints sparkling

  • makes me want to go clean mine

  • Great site this - just placed my 1st order after being directed to your vote

  • I wish I could get my car to come up that clean

  • amazing finish

  • That is one BIG car to clean

  • glad that its being kept nice and shiny

  • Its been restored a treat

  • lovely

  • Thats well nice mate

  • Keep up all your hard work

  • fantastic motor

  • Passed on - hope you get many more votes its well deserved

  • Worthy of my vote

  • Great job done there

  • Shiny

  • What time you over to do mine??!!

  • Cant beat the old cars

  • brilliant pictures, great reflections, great products used, great car

  • Woohoo Supra all the way

  • Best looking car - but then we are bias I guess! :0)

  • great effort - well done, glad to an old classic car being so well cared for

  • great finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • well done for all your hard work

  • Congratz from the Supra club - I am sure you will get many more votes

  • The best car Toyota ever made

  • Not bad at all for a 15 year old car - thats what you gotta remember its not new like the others

  • Fantastic effort

  • great reflections - thats from a lot of cleaning

  • been sent this link - I have to agree with all the comments

  • You have my vote also

  • Its like looking through glass

  • Your arm must ache

  • Add me to your votes

  • thats phat

  • Love the colour - comes up well

  • Thats got the ultimate finish

  • Number 1

  • My favourite all time car

  • Very cool - I too love the wheels

  • Good choice of cleaning products

  • Posted on my forum - this is the winning car

  • I'm lovin it


  • FANTASTIC condition an Ultimate Finish quality

  • Thats been looked after with a lot of love

  • One of the nicest cars around

  • Very cool

  • Gotta love a clean Supra

  • Thats hot

  • Lovely car.....looks stunningly clean

  • loving the shine on it

  • keep up the good work

  • great job - well done

  • fantastic car

  • beautiful!!

  • A shine like that is an 'ultimate finish'

  • That Supra is gleaming


  • Thats one clean and yummy car

  • I could eat my dinner off that!

  • Can you come and do mine ...........

  • now that is a shiney car

  • like the wheels too - look good with the colour

  • amazin shine

  • Just so beautiful

  • WOW what a shine

  • Thats what I want for Christmas!!!!

  • Thats really, really nice and looks well cared for

  • Those wheels are tasty

  • Thats one shiney Supra there.....................

  • Bet thats loud! - looking good

  • Great finish

  • What a shine!!

  • Such a nice colour and really shines

  • I'm in love

  • Keep up the good work

  • very nice indeed!

  • Well done on such a fantastic job

  • such a gorgeous car

  • lovely supra

  • fantastic motor

  • keep up the good work

  • loving the pictures

  • WOW Fantastic reflections

  • Unusual colour Supra.... rare bronze - colour comes up a treat!

  • a credit to you...gotta love the Supra's

  • Good products used - the Tar remover is awsome

  • This Supra has the ULTIMATE FINISH!!!

  • Thats an ultimate finish on an ultimate car

  • Awesome pictures and great reflections

  • That is one hell of cool car!!

  • Very nice car, its been polished to perfection!

  • Lovely attention to detail - great result

  • SuprA Dooper

  • This car is the best.

  • Thats an ultimate finish

  • A 15 year old car looking better than the 2 year old cars -.... no competition if you ask me :0)

  • That must have taken ages!! nicest car!

  • Great deap reflections - nothing better that a clean car

  • Damn shiney


  • Great photos - looks amazingly clean

  • my dream car

  • Keep up the good work

  • Great reflections - hard to amagine it in a bad condition

  • Love the Jap cars - soooo clean

  • This was my dream car when I was a kid

  • Beautiful car, very nice indeed!

  • Lovely car.....looks very clean

  • looks mean....

  • Damn shiney

  • Old skool... love it!!

  • Love the Supra's

  • beautiful

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