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Honda Civic Type R - Vicky Patefield - Winner January 2012

Entered for the January 2012 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Vicky Patefield

Make: Honda

Model: Civic Type R

Year: 2008

Viewed: 8448 times.

Votes/Comments: 157

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Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R

Products Used

How Vicky Used Our Products

My car is first rinsed down then I apply Snow Foam using a Karcher Pressure Washer then rinsed then washed using the two bucket method with Meguiar's gold class shampoo and conditioner using a sheeps wool washmitt.

Dried off using a Meguiar's water magnet. It is then clayed using Meguiar's clay kit, then went over the car using Meguiars Ultimate Compound on a 5" cutting pad on my DA then polished using Poorboys Black Hole on a 5" polishing pad, I then add 2 coats of Dodo Juice Purple Haze polish using a Meguiar's foam applicator pad by hand.

The alloys are cleaned using Autoglym clean wheels or Meguiar's hot rims, then a coat of rim wax is applied. Tyres are dressed using Meguiar's Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel.

The interior is vaccumed out and interior is treated with Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care.

Comments from Voters

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  • Looks cool

  • Mighty fine car

  • Nice car

  • excellent shine

  • Cool

  • Vote for Vicky! (Civic Type R)

  • Good work :)

  • Nice car:)


  • all i can say is WHOO

  • Inst that just super

  • wow how much you charge lol?

  • Class job

  • super car

  • super this is what i aim to get mine to look like

  • great work!

  • this looks mint i must say

  • wash my car please!

  • i want that car!

  • TYPE R yeoo you have my vote!

  • Super super super!!!

  • Great job!

  • brian how to do it...

  • really nice

  • like glass

  • amazing shine...Vicky

  • Tidy car

  • looks well....D

  • Slick!!

  • you should go into business doing cars!!

  • nice

  • Great looking car vicky shame about the poor MPG

  • think ill order some of that gear becuase that looks unreal

  • WOW that is all i can say o and good luck!

  • thats a fine looking type R quite like it in black as i have a white one myself

  • coming from a man that loves Clios thats a fine looking car

  • omg, i want your car!

  • Great looking honda great finish

  • brill

  • you must have spent so much money, you deserve this!

  • i wish my car looked like that!

  • woah your car is amazing!

  • shiny!

  • You deserve to win this Vicky for all the hours of cleaning you put in!

  • Hot !!!!

  • coll wheels :)

  • good job

  • Good work Vicky

  • hate the car there wick but good finish

  • I really like this

  • great looking civic i love them!

  • super job vicky looks as good as you!

  • Very nice :)

  • Super

  • Super super job i hope mine will look as good!

  • you have my vote!

  • WOW well done you must really love this car!

  • Now thats what i call a good finish

  • Super sport good job!

  • Cool :)

  • Class finish :)

  • Wow this car looks mint you must really love it

  • Very cool :)

  • Nice car :)

  • Well done!

  • Honda's rule!!!!

  • Wish i could get mine this clean

  • Nice :)

  • Nice shine

  • Really good shine, well done vicky

  • Wish my car looked this clean

  • Excellent car

  • Nice :)

  • Cool car :)

  • Nice work

  • Good use of products

  • 1st Class job, well done

  • Thats a great looking car well worth the time and money

  • Great looking Type R best ive seen in a while.

  • very good looking car well done

  • Wow stunning looking car vicky love it :P

  • Truly stunning

  • Class finish

  • Could you clean mine pleaseee

  • Love it looks unreal!!

  • WOW!

  • Great looking piece of kit!

  • Good luck Vicky you deserve to win :)

  • Wow thats a great looking piece of kit!!

  • Thats a slick looking wagan.

  • Really cool car and excellent shine :)

  • Cool car Vicky!

  • Fantastic effort, great finish

  • Stunning car,well done.

  • Lookin' good

  • Ohh yeah, I love this civic type R

  • get it lit vicky good luck.....

  • Nice job!

  • Beautiful finish, lots of hard work put in

  • Cool :)

  • Nice shine

  • Really nice car

  • Excellent shine

  • Very Glossy

  • Nice Wheels

  • wish mine looked as good as this..

  • good work!

  • this really is the ultimate finsh!

  • thats an ecvellent shine!

  • Nice :)

  • Cool :)

  • Nice Wheels

  • fab!!!!!

  • Awesome job!! :D

  • stunning!!

  • Great car you deserve to win with all the time and effort you have put in

  • very nice work

  • Stunning....

  • Brilliant job, well done.

  • looks great

  • Good job :)

  • Now thats some serious shine!

  • Very nice car

  • Looks good!

  • Looks fantastic! great reflections there :D

  • very nice :)

  • Amazingly clean - high gloss shine!

  • Love it...such a shine

  • Good Luck! Thats a great looking finish especially for Honda paint

  • very nice :)

  • Great finsh must try some of that meguiars gear!

  • Like that a lot.

  • fantastic shine

  • Car looks clean rms

  • Nice job!

  • Excellent Shine!

  • Class Car!

  • awesome work

  • I must give this Meguiars gear a go

  • Superb Finish!

  • Cool car

  • Great looking bit of work

  • Thats a nice car

  • mirror finish.

  • nice finish.....Darren

  • Immaculate!!!!!!!!

  • Mirror finish,excellent work

  • Good Job

  • WOW!! that looks amazing well worth the time good use of products!!

  • WOW Looks Great

  • Looks Mint!

  • WOW that looks class nice work

  • Wow looks amazing Nice work!

  • Looks great time well spent

  • excellent work. Vicky

  • dude!

  • Excellent shine.

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