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Ford Sierra XR4x4 - Lee Harrison - Winner August 2012

Entered for the August 2012 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Lee Harrison

Make: Ford

Model: Sierra XR4x4

Year: 1989

Viewed: 5707 times.

Votes/Comments: 100

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Ford Sierra XR4x4
Ford Sierra XR4x4
Ford Sierra XR4x4

Products Used

How Lee Used Our Products

Started with a jet wash down and applied Crudzilla to front and wheel arches and also inside the wheels left to dwell for a few minutes before rinsing off. Then washed down with supernatural shampoo using a two bucket method. Was then dried with basics of bling towel.

Paint was prepped for Dodo Juice Light Fantastic using lime prime using a normal applicator a panel at a time and buffed off using Fantastic Fur. The wax was then applied using a supernatural wax applicator and buffed off with fantastic fur. Glass was polished with Spernatural glass polish and taken off by a window waffle. Plastics were then dressed using a microfibre cloth and a cotton bud for the hard to reach areas.

Car was then jacked up and washed down with crudzilla using a paddling pool to catch water in the garage dried with another drying towel and polished up with Autoglym srp. Collinite 845 was then applied to the underneath with a wax applicator and buffed off with a fantastic fur. Exhaust was then polished with Autoglym metal polish. The same method was used to clean and seal the wheels.

Engine bay was cleaned up using crudzilla and then primed for wax with Lime Prime. Then Light Fantastic was applied with supernatural wax applicator and buffed using fantastic fur.

Interior was then vacuumed and freshened up using Autoglym interior shampoo and plastics were dressed using Dodo Juice Fantastic Plastic.

Last to go on was Meguiar’s endurance tyre gel applied using a brush and excess buffed off using a microfibre cloth

All work was done by myself and took 5 days to complete and is repeated every few months to keep on top of it. It’s a labour of love!

Comments from Voters

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  • Amazing

  • stunning looking wanna just wanna take it 4 a spin

  • Nice piece of kit.

  • Absolutely awesome

  • Beautiful car, seen in the flesh at Waxstock, well done :-)

  • I vote for lee Harrison car it is fantastic

  • Possibly the best car of its kind I have ever seen, a credit to the owner!

  • Totally stunning car

  • Absolutely stunning!

  • Superb looking car lots of hardwork to get it to this condition plus good products

  • Has to be the best well worth all the work.

  • an exceptionally clean and tidy ford, seen this for real, definate concours winner!!!

  • Awsomeness in car form makes me go a little funny in the trousers

  • Massive well done Lee, I saw the car in the flesh at Ford Fair, she's a real credit to you.

  • Stunning example of a superb car. Good effort Lee.

  • Excellent car, well maintained, the winner!!

  • I WANT!

  • Perfect finish. Hope you win.

  • lovely car

  • very nice

  • sweet looking ride

  • nice looking car

  • great car

  • very nice :o)

  • Looks great. Lot of hard work and good products

  • I love Sierras, this has to be one of the cleanest out there, 100% amazing

  • Just awesome brings back memories when I used to own on

  • Ford didn't sell them looking this good! Well done that man!

  • Beautiful & a credit to its owner.

  • The shine on this car is out of this world. it makes a classic even more special. top job mate.

  • That is real dedication and a fine endorsement of the products used.

  • Awesome motor!

  • lovely tidy car. puts my sierra to shame.

  • Legendary!

  • all i can say is WOW,it looks superb

  • Would have liked more pics, but looks very nice,love the old XRs

  • XRs for ever & this XR4x4 looks the best

  • Very nice, luv the XRs

  • The finish on this is outstanding, a credit to the products used and the owners attention to detail

  • I used to own one of these, but it never looked as good as this one does, cracking job mate..!

  • Looks sweet lee.

  • amazing work

  • stunning

  • Absolutely stunning car, a true credit to the hard work put in.

  • lovely car

  • gorgeous example of a sierra

  • What dedication! A real credit to you.

  • A legendary car, part of a legendary family... totally drool-worthy

  • Perfect example of a Sierra.

  • top job i saw this car at ford fair stunning

  • Absolute stunner!

  • lovely car :o)

  • simply stunning car and i love xrs

  • Absolutely stunning. A credit to its owner!

  • It's so white you need sunglasses.

  • Sure winner. No other come near.

  • Old Skool Cool. Way cooler than when it was new.

  • Nice

  • Very nice, great to see these "old" XRs being looked after.

  • brilliant finish !!

  • What a fantastic looking sierra,youv'e got my vote.

  • Best by far

  • Mirror finish, excellent entry

  • Gorgeous car, very good job

  • Immaculate! A*

  • nice clean finish job well done

  • Car looks great! Fantastic attention to detail and pride in the work done.........

  • nice example

  • stunning

  • Awesome!!!

  • a true concourse car if I ever saw one indeed

  • stunning car

  • This car is beautiful - saw it at Ford Fair and it is perfect 100%, a credit to the owner

  • Wonderful looking XR4x4 & great to see such a cherished example...Keep up the good work.

  • I know how much john loves his car so top job lee keeping the shine up

  • Wow, what an stunning example of an amazing car....... top work!

  • Fantastic car, great detail throughout, lots of hard work but the effort really shows

  • Outstanding allround, best sierra left?

  • Top Class Job ! ! ! I Wish I had the energy to be this meticulous !

  • The finish achieved by Lee using these products was amazing

  • this car is awesome. its in the most amazing condition for a car its age!!

  • Excellent job, stunning inside and outside

  • Very clean example of a very nice car a clear winner

  • Fantastic job

  • The sierra looks awesome dude, i'd buy it and bubble wrap it for novelty if i had the money.

  • This cars in the flesh is awesome, I don't think you can find finer. Superb finish and detail.

  • Looking good a lot of hard work must have gone in to it.

  • One of, if not the best looking XR 4x4 I've seen. Better than showroom finish.

  • Stunning motor

  • excellent

  • This is one mint super clean car absolutely a credit to ya lee for ya hard work

  • Having known this car for years now ,Lee has deffinatly kept on top of it and it's in true show form

  • That is one hell of a nice car

  • Beautifully prepared car. I wish mine was half as clean!

  • looks good very clean

  • Great looking car

  • Better than factpry condition......WOW!!!!

  • nice 4b

  • Awesome Car

  • Nice to see old Fords still looking good - beautiful.

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