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Vauxhall Vectra - Allan Clegg

Entered for the March 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Allan Clegg

Make: Vauxhall

Model: Vectra

Year: 2004

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Vauxhall Vectra
Vauxhall Vectra
Vauxhall Vectra

Products Used

How Allan Used Our Products

First I sprayed the car making sure I get all the surface clean.

Then I mix the shampoo it doesn’t matter which one has it is just purely to make sure all the debris is off, I always use a really soft sponge and only lightly press on. once this has been left for 15 minutes I rinse off, time for the paint renovator, apply this gently has its abrasive, I don’t coat the car, its best for me to do it when its sunny has I can see where its require from the glare, its mainly the bonnet and roof but pay attention to detail.

Once done make sure you wipe off once you have the satisfied effect. make sure once you have wiped you wash with water, next stage is the clay bar it comes with lubricant too which is good has it also adds a shine to the car, you just need a small amount of clay, don’t go mad but keep checking it has the debris can scratch your car if you see this turn it over keep going then use more has and when BE CARFUL!!

Now it’s time to polish this bad boy, work in the polish in circles do each part once at a time break the car in for quartz to make sure you get all the spots, 15 mines then wipe, after its time to start the Natty’s Black Hole Glaze it is brilliant, you get quite a lot and it is brilliant, especially black cars, has you can see same again break into four parts,10 mins, then wipe and work in the nattys wax followed by the Autoglym HD wax these work very well together, followed by the extra gloss protection check the finish, then just used the metal polish for the chrome handles and then did the windows last. I like it best part of a day though so make sure you have time use the insect if you need to before the rinse but usually it all comes off with the shampoo, also touch up by using the tyre dressing, and then maybe the wheels

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