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Poorboy's World Black Hole Show Glaze (473ml & 946ml)

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Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze
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Everyday Polish For Dark Coloured Vehicles.

Dark coloured paintwork is notoriously difficult to keep spotlessly clean and shows up every little swirl and scratch.

Black Hole contains gentle cleaners to lift dirt and grime out of swirls and scratches and fillers to help hide any remaining imperfections until you get a chance to detail the paintwork fully.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed for red or dark coloured paintwork
  • Cleansers lift dirt from scratches thereby reducing their appearance
  • Adds gloss & shine to paintwork
  • Contains fillers to hide imperfections
  • Easy to use - even in the sun!
  • Wipe on, leave to haze then buff off with clean microfibre
  • Safe for all paint types
  • Can be used on chrome & metal work
  • Apply by hand or with DA machine polisher

Sizes: 473ml & 946ml (Select from drop down menu above)


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 03 Aug 2023

Amazing stuff!

This stuff is amazing on dark paintwork! I applied using a machine polisher and a soft pad, results are stunning!

Mark B
five stars 17 Apr 2023

Excellent stuff

Excellent stuff

five stars 27 Jun 2017

Best product for Black

I finally found the best product to use for my black car. Have been trying and searching for the best product for the past 4 years since I got my Black car, this product really makes it so black it looks like the iPhone's Jet Black! Top with some magical dodo purple haze pro, almost looks like a perfect pain. Although is doesn't correct much, but the results are amazing. Just top it off the next time you feel like it. Doesn't just hide and fill swirls, but make blacks really black, literally like a black hole.

R Mackay
five stars 04 May 2015

The Dogs Danglies

Have used the similar 'White Diamond' on previous white car and now 'Black Hole' on my new car. Awesome stuff. My wife informed me that the car was now 'too shiny' after application - which for me is impossible. Applied following cleaning with claybar and topped off with a half decent wax the look lasts for weeks. Good Value, Awesome results - this stuff really is the Dogs B*llocks!

A Colwill
five stars 13 Aug 2012

A staple detailing product

I am yet to try a poorboys product I don't love to use, all their products go on and come off very easily, even in the midday sun. The UF team is awesome too!

Steve James
five stars 18 May 2012

Highly Recommended

Used this after prepping the paint beforeheand and the finish is fantastic, also it was so easy to apply and take off, highly recommended...

Frank Kenny
five stars 18 May 2012

Great Value

Found this excellent product with no residue and very easy to apply, Great value as a bottle should last for several applications

G Bhambra
five stars 18 May 2012

Easy to work with and good results,

Good for masking minor swirls and aiding in the stone chip removal process - as recommened by the Ultimate Finish Team. Even after leaving it on for 10 minutes it was still easy to remove and on top of that I used it when the sun was out (fancied working outdoors). The bottle says it is okay to use in the sun and it really is! Some products state that but they become harder to use and leave a residue - this does not. Used on a black car with amazing results. Minor swirls are more visible in direct sunlight but this has reduced the appearance to minimal which avoided the need for scratch remover or compound! It later rained heavy and the glaze is still on there and looks great. I expect it will last several weeks as it seems more powerful than an average wax but I will see how it goes. Really good for protecting minor paint scuffs from condensation too before they are ready to painted.

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