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Mercedes C220 AMG - Jack Fletcher

Entered for the April 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Jack Fletcher

Make: Mercedes

Model: C220 AMG

Year: 2008

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Mercedes C220 AMG
Mercedes C220 AMG
Mercedes C220 AMG
Mercedes C220 AMG

Products Used

How Jack Used Our Products

The car was filthy so I thought today its getting detailed!

so first up was the wash so I got my scratch shield buckets and lambswool mitt out and put my waxtec shampoo in and filled the buckets up.. I gave the car a good rinse before touching it with the wash mitt to ensure as much dirt could be removed as possible. Washing the car using the 2bm with grit guards in a straight line motion to ensure no swirls.

After the full vehicle was washed I got on next with the wheels and broke out the imperial and wheel woolies to ensure the wheels were given the best clean possible. Now on with the drying... before I touch a panel with the microfibre drying towel I always make sure I spray it down with a spray detailer to ensure there is some lubrication present and also to go over part that I may have missed whilst doing the wash process.

next up it was clay time so I sprayed the panel with the Autoglym rapid detailer supplied in the kit and went in a back and forward motion with the clay to ensure it would pick up all contaminates in the paint, all glass, paintwork and wheels were clayed to ensure the best base for all the products in the polishing and protecting stage.

I gave the car another going over with quick detailer to remove marks left in the claying process from the rapid detailer. Next step wash polishing I broke out the spin doctor and a soft finishing pad and decided Auto Finesse Tripple would do the job of making the Mercedes paintwork look sleek and fresh again. After machine polishing the full car I decided it was waxing time so I thought my pot of supernatural was looking a little lonely so I gave the Mercedes a coat of the supernatural to really bring out the flake and make it pop.

next up was the finishing touches, I went back over the car with a spray detailer to give it a last coat and then set about doing the windows using Autoglym`s fast glass, I then dressed the tyres and trims with Smartwax smartdressing.

And the results were great.

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