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Porsche Carrera C2 911 - Paul Lakin

Entered for the June 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Paul Lakin

Make: Porsche

Model: Carrera C2 911

Year: 2002

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Votes/Comments: 2

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Porsche Carrera C2 911
Porsche Carrera C2 911
Porsche Carrera C2 911
Porsche Carrera C2 911

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I acquired Eva (Germanic sounding name I thought) back in October 2012 and whilst mechanically she was and is sound, cosmetically, she did need a fair bit of attention.

My first job was to book her in the bodyshop to have the 11 years’ worth of stone chips and nicks cleared up from the front end. Once this was complete I could begin my regime although in the depth of winter this was a challenge.

I have used Poorboys products for some time now and am happy with all of them really, the shampoo is nice smelling and provides plenty of suds, I always place a few drops directly onto my lambswool wash mitt to aid with lubrication, always use the 2 bucket method with grit guard.

Once I have rinsed off I bombard the vehicle surface with a total of 4 drying towels, I am using 2 of the yellow Kent cloths, 1 Poorboys weave cloth and a cheapy from the pound shop for the roof. I dab rather than wipe to again protect from inflicting swirls or scratches.

Once dry, it’s open with the doors, bonnet and boot to dry all latches etc., during this time I tend to go over my leather seats with leather wipes followed by a cuppa!

Now it’s time to wax, I have always used the Nattys blue wax as its specifically for dark cars and found it easy to apply and buff off using my Meguiar’s M/F cloths, however, I did find it would powder at times and end up caught in all the gaps so have recently turned to Black magic from Autobrite which smells like chocolate! I must say, I am finding this trickier to apply and buff off so am in the experimentation stage with it, maybe I am using too much or maybe I need some new M/F cloths but it is certainly harder to remove then the Nattys - in fact I noticed earlier in the sun residue on my bonnet from it where it has not buffed off sufficiently. I had gone around with my Meguiar’s QD as well so that is definitely an area I need to experiment on as I said.

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  • She is looking good!!

  • Looking good!

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