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Saab 93 - Damien Bower - Winner June 2013

Entered for the June 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Damien Bower

Make: Saab

Model: 93

Year: 2006

Viewed: 6611 times.

Votes/Comments: 54

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Saab 93
Saab 93
Saab 93
Saab 93

Products Used

How Damien Used Our Products

Washed using 2 bucket method. Clayed with Valet Pro and born slippy. Tar remover used and washed again. Rotary polished with megs 105 and 205 then a coat of Dodo Juice Supernatural Acrylic Spritz. Trim treated with Auto Finesse Trim Reviver.

Comments from Voters

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  • very shiney

  • great looking car

  • Impressive detail mate. Very impressive indeedy.

  • Great use of quality products, well done

  • Very reflective

  • Mmmm!! Shiny!!

  • Nice 8)

  • Wow thats clean

  • Super shiny :)

  • awesome work

  • top job, very clean

  • Nice car!

  • excellent work, lot of effort gone into this ..must be a leading contender

  • Amazing, Damien!

  • Great job, perfect way to bring it up as new!

  • That's a mighty impressive shine young man! Skills!

  • Good effort Dame, I'm all about the two bucket method.

  • Shimmy with that chamois, hot diggety dang! Nice buffing action. Yours, John Howard

  • Looks the shiznits. Gaz

  • shinycar

  • Very clean gets my vote

  • Nice!

  • Good job, looks like a lot of effort, but well worth it

  • Those Saabs in darker colours take a really good shine!

  • Nice car, very clean.

  • Great Job On the Saab nice beading :)

  • Perfect!! This has to be the winner!

  • This looks sweet

  • Damien is a very special boy. The shiny hurts my eyes.

  • WOAH!!!! Super sweet. What a shine!

  • Lovely looking example

  • That is impressive. Thats real work gone into that.

  • I've always liked SAABs. Nice, crisp & clear reflections on this one. Finish is deep & oily

  • Brilliant mirror finish, it looks like it's just come off the production line back in 2006.

  • top job

  • top shine!!

  • Simply stunning finish

  • Wow, great finish

  • Awsome for an ageing Saab

  • A++

  • Some hours of work have gone into that finish,and it's not new paint either, a++

  • 'wish I could get just 1 of mine as shiny!

  • really deep shine, noticeably better than other cars.

  • Impressive job, I see no signs of swirling or residue, a very tidy effort worthy of top marks. A+

  • Beautiful example done with great products and it's a Saab. You deserve to win. Fancy doing mine

  • Class!! Amazing finish.

  • I use Fairy liquid, its lemony

  • Great finish. Looks glassy smooth!

  • Really lovely deep finnish. Id ask how much to detail my car but i fear i couldnt afford you,

  • Wicked shine...wish I could get mine to gleam like that!

  • Perfect finish love it

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Shiney!

  • this is amazing, how did you do this? I am shocked by the finish.

  • Been following Damiens car on, really impressed with the effort and results.

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