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Volkswagen Passat - Andy Welsh - Winner September 2013

Entered for the September 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Andy Welsh

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Passat

Year: 2010

Viewed: 5494 times.

Votes/Comments: 50

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Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Passat

Products Used

How Andy Used Our Products

Car was rinsed to remove any loose dirt, washed, dried and then clayed to remove any contaminants. It was then compounded to remove any swirl marks and scratches, polished and waxed for protection, all applied with the dual action polisher.

I then cleaned the windows and wheels and finished off by applying tyre gel.

Comments from Voters

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  • you,ve definately got the ultimate finish

  • nice set of wheels - you deserve to win you clearly spend a lot of time on it

  • beaut car mate - top class shine

  • stunning car - nice job

  • Excellent shine you must really take care of your car........

  • Lovely shine must be well looked after and products well worth paying for!


  • Wish my car looked like this !!!


  • you have a smashing car - products must be good


  • Nice car well shinny

  • Shiniest car ever.....;)

  • mint

  • very nice - yu must be a good polisher

  • beautiful car - you must be very proud

  • fancy washing my car

  • You've chosen your products well. Lovely job.

  • lovely shine, especially on the alloys!!

  • Ohhh shiny!!!!

  • Nice car!!!

  • Too much time on your hands! But you've cleaned it well.

  • nice set of wheels - wanna clean mine

  • This Car looks absolutely beautiful. Words fail me

  • woow thats a lovely shine

  • stunning set of wheels

  • whoa whoa ive never seen a car shine so well

  • Lovely and shiny well done!!!!!

  • this car looks fab! lovely and shiny :)

  • you should be very proud - your car is well looked after

  • i'd love that for my wedding car - awesome

  • well worth your hard work - looks great

  • beautiful car - your hard work has paid off

  • your car looks brand spanking new!!!!! :-)

  • looking rem well jel

  • Stunning Shine

  • gleaming

  • fantastich shine, gets my vote

  • can you make my car look that good - they must be amazing products

  • amazing reflections wish my car looked as good

  • perfect, very jealous

  • shining like a diamond

  • amazing shine! looks smart

  • stunning


  • that cars like a mirror!!!

  • superb shine would love my car to look this good, think i'll be using the products from now on

  • car looks stunning, what a shine

  • brilliant shine, your car looks fab

  • Awesome shine! love the reflections, you get my vote!

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