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Ford Focus ST225 - Gareth Winfield

Entered for the December 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Gareth Winfield

Make: Ford

Model: Focus ST225

Year: 2006

Viewed: 3849 times.

Votes/Comments: 8

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Ford Focus ST225
Ford Focus ST225
Ford Focus ST225
Ford Focus ST225

Products Used

How Gareth Used Our Products

Firstly, the alloy wheels were sprayed with ValetPRO Bilberry and agitated using the long reach and large sash brushes. The car was then covered with ValetPRO PH Neutral Snow Foam using a Karcher lance giving it a thick, clingy covering. This was left on for 10 minutes to loosen up the grime and dirt. Using the jet wash this was blasted off to leave a safer surface to begin the 2 bucket wash stage.

I started using ValetPRO Concentrated Car Shampoo and the CarPro Merino wool wash mitt from top, in straight lines and one panel at a time regularly rising in the clean water then back into the soapy water, both buckets protected by grit guards. After one side is complete it is then jet washed down.

Once done the CarPro Iron-x is sprayed on to all painted surfaces and alloys to remove iron fallout, agitated with another large sash brush, again jet washed off. Out came the ValetPRO tar and glue remover on all painted surfaces to remove all tar spots, agitated with a damp cloth and jet washed again.

The whole car is then dried using the Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth and an air blaster for the shuts and panel gaps. Using the Rupes LHR15 and CarPro cool pad and CarpPro fixer under direct lighting the surface was corrected and then polished and finished using CarPro polishing and finishing foam pads.

Throughout the process the paint was checked regularly.

Once complete the surface was wiped using a soft plush towel and CarPro eraser. Once done I then applied CarPro CQuartz UK to the paint and alloy wheels, then DLUX to the plastics, PERL to the tyres. CarPro Fly by 30 was applied to all windows and then heat applied to help bake.

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  • Awesome motor

  • love it

  • Looks fab, cracking pic mate

  • Now that is a reflection and a half!

  • wow!

  • in depth write up! Looks amazing, like glass!

  • Great looking ST

  • Awesome write up with a good mix of different products!

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