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Vauxhall Corsa - Ben Hambling

Entered for the April 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ben Hambling

Make: Vauxhall

Model: Corsa

Year: 2004

Viewed: 4481 times.

Votes/Comments: 51

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Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa

Products Used

How Ben Used Our Products

I washed the car with Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and Custom Wheel Cleaner on the wheels. If there are any scratches, I dry the area and use 3M scratch remover.

Next I go over the car with Dodo Juice Clay Bar and Clay Lube to get rid of any other dirt that was missed in the wash. The car is dried, then I go over the whole car with Lime Prime and wipe off. I apply wash to vehicle and wipe off using a fur cloth, then dry the wheels and use Wheel Sealant.

I go over any grilles or plastic trim with Bumper & Trim Gel, then wipe down the car with a microfibre cloth.

Comments from Voters

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  • Not bad...Not bad at all!

  • Nice! :)

  • epic

  • top notch

  • excellent car, shows commitment rather than buying a new car and some polish

  • Great effort!

  • Great work!

  • Can see you've put a lot of effort into this, hope you win! You deserve it!

  • the best

  • Much better than anything else on here

  • Awesome.

  • shiny shiny

  • looks shiny

  • wow pretty

  • looks good

  • much pretty very wow

  • looks good

  • looking great mate!

  • Looks brilliant keep it up

  • I can see you have put lots of work into this. Well done

  • I know how hard you work on the car, looks great. Good luck!

  • Nice looking car

  • Nice

  • Epic corsa

  • Awesome!

  • looking good

  • It is a 10 year old car and should maintain his shine it got out of the factory

  • Shhhhiiiiinnnnnnyyyyyyy! Lovin your work :)

  • Nice bit of work.

  • Glossy Corsa, shiny Corsa, little ball of steel.

  • Love ya babez! x

  • Nice one matey!

  • Simple, yet brilliant. Keep it up!

  • Good stuff dude! Hope you win!

  • Loking lovely buddy, keep it up!

  • Looks awesome!

  • Good luck, from all the boyz at the fire station ;)

  • Good results on something other than a brand new car by people who seem to have money to throw away!

  • lovely.

  • Nice. 3 stars - some funny bits.

  • Hope you win

  • Good luck

  • Good luck my friend!!

  • Great results within a sensible budget unlike some on here. Looks great!

  • The power of CS... You will thank us when that "Badger" is beaten ;)

  • Shrek is love, shrek is life.

  • Internet

  • Nice :D

  • Good Luck!

  • cleaner than my mums knickers.

  • Lovely job mate. Rather see you win than the twunt with the Range Rover currently in the lead.

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