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Mercedes Benz E class - Kira Hearn - Winner July 2014

Entered for the July 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Kira Hearn

Make: Mercedes Benz

Model: E class

Year: 2007

Viewed: 5862 times.

Votes/Comments: 52

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Mercedes Benz E class
Mercedes Benz E class
Mercedes Benz E class

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How Kira Used Our Products

Hi All,

Please vote for me! I am raising money for a charity; kids around the world and I am trying to raise £4,400 for a young girl to get a prosthetic leg. This will transform her life forever. One of the fundraising activities I am doing is to polish/wax and detail cars for donations and hoping to get some of the products I use back through winning this competition as 100% goes to the charity (I am sure that you will all agree the cost soon adds up at nearly £50 for the HD wax alone!!!). I am very proud to announce that over £2,500 has been raised so far!!!!

  1. Ensure clean car to work from; claying does remove the grime and previous layers of wax.
  2. Wash with Autoglym Shampoo and conditioner; build up a good foam working from the top of the car down, do not use the soap on windows.
  3. Rinse and dry thoroughly with a microfibre cloth, ensure the car is completely dry before moving on!
  4. Use a microfibre cloth to clean the windows with glass cleaner – Rain-X is one of the best I have used.
  5. Autoglym Paint renovator, this is used to blend any scratches on the car. These are normally found by the door handles or on the side curve of the bonnet (I find where the cat jumps up on the hood while it’s still warm!!) quite a bit of elbow grease is needed here! I actually find a polishing cloth best for this!
  6. Apply Autoglym extra gloss protection, this will mean that a protective film is added to the car, this I would like to seen done every 3 months. Buff on the car, it looks fairly clear on the application, apply in swirls doing panel by panel top to bottom. Once the whole car is covered. Leave for 30-45 minutes. If it is hot outside then leave for 30 minutes.
  7. Clean wheels small soft bristle brush maybe needed to reach all areas, use a cloth to wipe this onto the alloy as you so not want any of the spray getting onto the braking system or the callipers!) Finish with instant Tyre dressing, use a cloth to apply this or hold your cloth over the alloy while spraying. Then use the alloy wheel seal again be careful if spraying as you do not want this on the discs or callipers! I hope this helps some of you, I love cleaning the cars up as you can see this is a 2007 car and it still looks in fantastic condition! Please vote for me and help me to help Alejandra! HAPPY CLEANING FOLKS :-)
  8. Buff of with a polishing cloth Ultra deep shine. Apply this in circular motion doing one panel at a time. Once this is finished I find the best results is to leave for 10 minutes (put the kettle on!) this will dry whitish. Buff off in a circular motion.
  9. Finally for the paintwork. Apply the crème de le crème: Autoglym HD wax. Whilst this seems expensive on the outset it WILL be the best thing you ever buy for your cars paintwork. First ensure the sponge is damp. Wipe over the HD wax (you will find you only need to dip into the pot about 4 times for the whole of this estate car!!) make sure the wax is not applied too thickly apply in circular motion. Apply to the roof first working your way down to the bonnet then the sides and back of the car. You will be able to see the wax on the car instantly. Leave this to work its magic while you move onto the interior. This smells AMAZING!
  10. I had to clean and treat the leather inside this car. It is vital to do this for the life of the leather it will keep it hydrated and stop from cracking. First clean the leather by wiping with a damp cloth, applying the Autoglym leather cleaner. Do small sections at a time and the wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not leave this on too long especially if strong sunlight.
  11. Apply the leather care balm to the dash, doors seats and side skirts in the door. Allow this to soak in - it smells lovely too!!
  12. Now comes the hard work - getting the wax off!! If I am being completely honest this is actually one of the easiest things to remove! It is a pleasure to use this HD wax, if applied correctly it literally wipes off, put please do this in a circular motion it creates a better buff look and it means you are less likely to miss a bit! Making sure the door seals get buffed too. Best cloth to use to buff is the finishing cloth.

Comments from Voters

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  • OMG it's so LUSH! x

  • A lot hard work, looks great. Hope you hit your target

  • How much more do you need to raise?

  • About time you did something Kira! Looks great though x

  • <3

  • Will definately be using these products on my car

  • Great finish

  • Wish mine would look this shiny x

  • It looks so nice :)

  • WOW

  • done! good luck.

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic cause!

  • Well done Kira, I will bring my car around at the weekend!

  • You gotta win after all this effort :)

  • Kira

  • Looking good.

  • Good effort. wish I had the time to clean mine never mind make it look so good.

  • Fantastic job..well done 😄

  • Good luck!

  • Keep going not long now

  • good luck!! x

  • Admirable. Good luck

  • well done hope u make it

  • Great Work, all the best of luck with your cause.

  • Great Job

  • Great job! Great Cause! Good luck!

  • well done- good job

  • Wowee that is cool, my Grandad wants his AClass detailing like that, south seas Blue would look ace

  • Gorgeous job you can clean my F1 anyday ♥♡ ♥♡

  • If only I have the paitence, good work!

  • Great job and good luck!

  • Great job

  • Well done! Great job for a great cause. Count me in.

  • You closet detailer you!! Looks mint well done!!

  • brilliant job

  • Glad to help....Woody

  • Looks Awesome - Brilliant cause too!!!!!

  • GO GIRL!!!!

  • Best of luck! Car looks great :-)


  • It looks like a mirror. How shiny is it!!!!

  • Looks amazing!

  • Thanks for cleaning the car Kira it looks like I have just picked it up from the showroom again

  • Looks fab brought colours back to life brilliant job

  • Let's hope your hard works helps this great cause. The car looks brilliant seems products def work

  • Car looks fab! :)

  • Please donate for a wealthy cause!

  • Car looks amazing and for such a good cause!

  • fab idea x

  • Great Cause , good Luck :) Muzza x

  • Winner, great cause

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