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Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator (2 Pack)

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For The Precise Application Of Car Polishes, Waxes & More

The Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator gives maximum comfort and control when applying polishes and dressings. Thanks to the specially designed point and straight edges this allows for the precise application of your desired product to avoid product spreading onto unwanted areas of your car. Highly recommended for the easiest application of supporting Autoglym products such as Super Resin Polish, Ultra Deep Shine, Bumper and Trim Gel, Car Glass Polish, Leather Care Balm, Instant Tyre Dressing and High Performance Tyre Gel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Specially engineered applicator pad
  • Enables precise application of various products for various detailing processes
  • Prevents unwanted product spread such as onto glass or trim etc
  • Apply car care polishes, dressings & more
  • Durable, can be washed and re-used again & again

Directions for use:

  • Apply a small amount of product in a thin line down the centre of the Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator
  • Fold the applicator pad in half to ensure an even spread of the product
  • Apply your desired product as instructed on the product label
  • Following use of the applicator, wash in clean, warm water and allow to air dry naturally

Pack Size: 2 Pack

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Customer Reviews

Eamonn C
five stars 17 Apr 2023

Less mess

Bought two applicators, used one for applying vinyl and rubber solution and the other one for polish. Less mess when using these applicators. Easy cleaned after using.

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