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Volkwagon Polo - Prasam Hirani

Entered for the April 2015 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Prasam Hirani

Make: Volkwagon

Model: Polo

Year: 2011

Viewed: 3225 times.

Votes/Comments: 10

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Volkwagon Polo
Volkwagon Polo
Volkwagon Polo
Volkwagon Polo

Products Used

How Prasam Used Our Products

First off I jet washed the car, then used dodo juice supernatural shampoo, jet washed again then sprayed the car with CarPro iron.x and jet washed once more. Then used born slippy clay lubricant with bilt-hamber auto clay soft over the whole car. Then I used CarPro Iron X and meguires detailing swabs to go around the car badges and lettering.

Followed by another jet wash to get rid of the loose fallouts from clay barring the car and gave the car a wipe down using monster microfibre edge less drying towel. Then I taped up all plastics and rubbers using 3M masking tape. Next, I went at the paint work using the Meguiar’s G220 DA polisher at speed 5 with 3M Fast Cut and lake country hydrotech cutting pad. Next used Menzerna fast glass FG400 with a new Lake Country Hydrotech cutting pad at speed 4.5. Next, used Menzerna PF2500 compound with lake country Hydrotech polishing pad at speed 4. Next I used Menzerna SF4000 with lake country Hydrotech finishing pad at speed 3.5. Wiped down at all stages using regular microfibre cloths from Costco.

Next, I used Gtechniq panel wipe and a microfibre cloth to ensure there are no oils or compounds left anywhere on my paintwork and used the CQuartz ceramic coating a panel at a time applied in a straight line then across the lines with supplied suede applicators and pad, left for approx. 4minutes to cure and buffed off finishing in straight lines with the suede buffing cloth also supplied with the kit. Once I completed the car I had to give it at least an hour to set before I put the silica sealant on so I used the Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner to wipe down the alloys then used the lubricant and clay bar on them then applied the Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour then moved to the next wheel and repeated given the first wheel time to set and moved back to buff the wheel and so on for all four wheels, that took me roughly 50 minutes.

Then I used the CarPro Ceri glass kit to first polish the glass using the supplied block and polish and followed up with the sealant after wiping down the glass with the meguires all purpose cleaner. I only polished the front and rear screen because of the scratches from the wipers and used the sealant on all windows. Now that the CQuartz had time to set I went ahead and spray the CarPro silica sealant on generously a panel at a time giving it a couple minutes before buffing it off and again completed the whole car.

Once that was all done with I went and had some tea and watched a movie to let the silica sealant set. Then went back after 3 hours and wiped down the car and applied the Menzerna Powerlock sealant with a microfibre applicator over the whole car and once I finished applying the last panel I was ready to start buffing off the first panel I did with the dos juice fantastic fur buffing cloth. Once completed I sat back and stared at the car for about 30minutes admiring it glistening in the sun and flicking off and bugs that landed on it.

I know this is a long right up but I loved every minute of detailing my lil baby and I apologise in advance of any of my steps are a little off.

Glad to share my experience with everyone at UF hope you enjoy the pictures of the finished product.

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  • 👍

  • Omg it's soo shiny!! :P

  • This is good work

  • Amazing job bro!

  • Your works ok point bro good luck .Nk

  • Extremely Clean!!!

  • Wicked job mate.

  • Excellent work by a true professional!

  • Great job!!!

  • Nice

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