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Audi RS6 - Stuart Hurd

Entered for the May 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Stuart Hurd

Make: Audi

Model: RS6

Year: 2003

Viewed: 4799 times.

Votes/Comments: 2

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Audi RS6
Audi RS6

Products Used

How Stuart Used Our Products

OK, only did exterior, hope that's ok for comp!. (That's fine...Ed.)

First off, full Snow Foam wash and soak, then rinsed off and full wash with Lambswool Mitt. 2-bucket method used. Then full rinse down and dried with microfibers. Next up was tar remover, all lower sections and bonnet down, rinsed off and the a full body go-over with Sonus Green clay and Sonus lube.

Then onto the polishing bit. As I had previously machine polished about a month earlier, only a 'hand job' (no dirty thoughts please) this time. 3 coats of Autoglym super resin polish, followed by a coat of super gloss protection, left for 2 hours to cure, then removed with MF cloth. Then 2 coats of Collinite 476s to seal in the glow.

Wheels were still fully sealed as I tend to do these once a month due to my car making LOTS of brake dust, so just a simple wash off and then re sealed with 2 layers of Collinite 476s to finish. Not a full 'detail' more of a monthly wash and clean really, but I tend to keep my car in top notch condition anyway so its easy to keep on top of cleaning etc.

Hope you enjoyed my little write up and vote for me, I NEED to track day my car NOW!!!! LOL

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  • Nice

  • Nice backdrop, good looking car

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