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VW Golf R32 - Phil Bateson

Entered for the September 2015 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Phil Bateson

Make: VW

Model: Golf R32

Year: 2003

Viewed: 3295 times.

Votes/Comments: 29

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VW Golf R32
VW Golf R32
VW Golf R32

Products Used

  • Wheel Woolies Original Wheel Woolies 3-Piece B Kit
  • Madcow Candy Bath Shampoo
  • Madcow Ultra violet gloss enhancer
  • Madcow Banana Musa wheel cleaner
  • Madcow Slayer fallout remover
  • Madcow Purity wax
  • Madcow Crystal glass cleaner
  • Madcow illuminate metal polish
  • Madcow/Wowo Drying towel

How Phil Used Our Products

I rinse the car off with the hose and spray the wheels with slayer fallout remover and leave to react with the dirt. Whilst I wait I grab two buckets. Fill one with warm water containing candy bath and the other with water for rinsing. Come back and the slayer is bleeding. Grab a Wheel Woolie and give the wheels a brush over rinsing off as I make my way round the car. Then Using a wowo wash mitt, give the car a once over and rinse off with the hose.

I dry the car off with the wowo drying towel. I then better my finish with ultra violet. Spray on and wipe off with a microfiber leaving a streak free glossy finish.

Wax the car 3 panels at a time Small thin layers of purity wax which I find perfect. Again taking off the wax with a microfibre.

I finish the wheels off with banana musa giving my wheels an amazing shine and protection. I finish off with applying a silicon spray for the tyre shine and cleaning the windows with Madcow crystal glass cleaner which has added water resistance.

Finally cleaning the exhausts with illuminate metal polish.

Thank you.

Comments from Voters

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  • BRUH!!

  • They see you rollin! They Hatin!


  • Very Nice!

  • smart

  • v. clean

  • go on phil!

  • Gorgeous colour, great car and a stunning shine.

  • Nice motor

  • Nicly done

  • Beautiful example of an R32. Amazingly well maintained also.

  • Best R32 ive seen, pukka. And fantastic detail in real like not just pictures too!

  • Looking swish

  • Got gloss ?? This has :P

  • Awsome stuff for a old timer

  • Nice to see the old boys still in the game, Phils first car was in Max Power

  • Bet his girlfriend cleans it for him. Very nice car

  • Niiiiiice

  • Sweet car man

  • Not bad


  • Very nice mate. Dem rims!

  • Looks good for a 1.6 ;) Very nice.

  • That, is the ultimate finish.

  • Stunning mk4!

  • sick car

  • sick bruh

  • You mad cow! looking awesome :)

  • Can't be an r32

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