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Original Wheel Woolies 3-Piece Wheel Brush B Kit

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The Best Wheel-Cleaning Brushes Money Can Buy

A luxury set of premium wheel and trim brushes custom designed and developed for car care enthusiasts detailers & valeters. Three different sizes allow safe and effective front to back cleaning of even the most complex designed wheels.

Large Wheel Woolie (overall length of 18" with a 3" super-soft wool head) - ideal for reaching deep into wheels or cleaning wheel wells.

Medium Wheel Woolie (overall length of 18" with a 2" super-soft wool head) - ideal for smaller gaps, air diffusers, door jams and engine bays.

Small Wheel Woolie (overall length of 8" with a 1" super-soft wool head) - ideal for tighter gaps and narrow spoke wheels.

Original Woolies

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-Soft polypropylene fibre heads
  • Super-Strong flexible non-scratch handles
  • 100% metal free
  • Suitable for all wheel types & finishes
  • Chemical resistant

Sizes (overall length x brush head diameter):

  • Large brush - 18 inches x 3 inches (440mm x 75mm)
  • Medium brush - 18 inches x 2 inches (440mm x 45mm)
  • Small brush - 8 inches x 1 inch (200mm x 25mm)

Instructions For Use:

  • Spray the wheel with your preferred wheel cleaner and leave to dwell.
  • Dip the Wheel Woolie into clean wash water.
  • Carefully agitate the wheel to gently remove brake dust, dirt and grime.
  • Rinse with clean water for super clean finish.

Customer Reviews

five stars 11 Aug 2021

Worth The Money....Oh Yes

I tried out my Wheel Woolies for the first time today, they were brilliant, although I only needed to use the largest one. I could get all the way round the wheel including between the barrel and the caliper, both front and rear. Reaching the back of the barrel wasn't a problem either. It was so much easier than trying to get my wheel mitt to the back of the barrels. The method I used was, rinse off the wheel, pump sprayer some APC onto the wheel, put the wheel woolie into my bucket of shampoo then spray some APC onto it too, I then cleaned between 3 spokes, rinse out the W.W then repeated until I had gone round the complete wheel. Yes they're expensive, so, are they worth the money....Oh yes I think they are. My wheels are Nissan diamond cut.

Richard Bowen
five stars 15 Sep 2019

A Lot Of Money But Worth It

I really thought about just spending half this amount on my wheel brushes, but as I have painted diamond turned alloys I didn't want to introduce scratches through the still brush ones. This new set with the longer medium size brush combined with the larger head is great for getting right into the spokes and around the wheel inner. The small brush is perfect for right in the groves of your wheel. Put these three in a bucket with some Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel and a wheel brush for the nuts and you will get perfect clean wheels every time. Or use just with your body shampoo if the wheels are well maintained. The product is great quality, sturdy and the heads are super soft on your precious alloys.

five stars 08 Apr 2016

Superior Product

Having seen these used by the pro's on You Tube, and having 19" special edition wheels, and also other complex alloys on family members cars decided to purchase these wheel brushes. By far the best wheel brushes I have ever used. Let your favourite wheel cleaner dwell for a few minutes and use the Wheel Woolies and a bucket of clean suds to simply clean all areas of your wheels and arches to a superb finish. Coupled with a wheel sealant maintaining your alloy wheels will be a great start to your weekly wash regimen. Great quality product! 5 stars... Highly recommend to any enthusiast who demands a quality finish.

five stars 29 Nov 2015

Simple the best

OK they seem expensive but they are worth every penny ,they reach every where they were made for, I was very impressed and would say they are simple the best . MW.

five stars 24 Nov 2015

Best wheel brushes ever!

Like everybody else I was uncertain about such expensive wheel brushes. Decided to give it a try mostly because of good reviews. Became a fan after the first usage. Best brushes ever! Soft enough to keep a surface safe, but sturdy enough to rub a dirt off. Very comfortable and easy to use. Worth every penny.

Buff Daddy
five stars 15 Sep 2015

A MiniWorld Must Have!

This is a set of luxury premium wheel and trim brushes, custom designed and developed for car care enthusiasts, detailers and valeters. Three different sizes allow safe and effective front to back cleaning of wheels, even those with complex designs. Buff Daddy’s Verdict: Absolutely incredible! These brushes will change the way you clean your wheels forever. I have never been able to get my wheels as clean as this before, without taking them off the car. Great quality and a solid investment for your detailing kit bag. A must have!

five stars 21 May 2015

Just buy these!

I've tried loads of wheel brushes, eventually using the EZ Wheel Brush and still being a bit disappointed with it. I should have just bit the bullet and bought these to begin with. The problem with the EZ brush (and most others) is that the bristles on the heads are too soft to really get in and clean your wheels properly. The Wheel Woolies don't have bristles and have proper fibre heads, so you can really apply the pressure in the difficult to reach places. My wheels are multi-spoke and 11" wide on the rear so the inner dish is a nightmare to clean...until I bought these. They're not the cheapest thing, but I've already spent over £40 on other brushes for the simple reason of I thought these were too expensive. Personally, I only need the large (18") and the spoke woolie, as I tend to use a detailing brush where I'd use the small and medium woolies. This might also apply to you and save you a few quid buying all three woolies.

five stars 02 May 2015

Invest and be impressed!

Ill be honest at first I was unsure at spending so much on wheel brushes but after watching reviews I went for it. These are a great set of brushes that can get in to the nooks and crevices of most alloys. The different sized brushes help to get in and amongst the brake discs and the alloys themselves. The brush heads are super soft but still do a great job at cleaning and the handles are strong and long which allows me to get the whole of the alloy cleaned. These make cleaning your wheels so easy.

five stars 03 Jun 2014


I've had these brushes for a few weeks now and used them on all sorts of different wheels, they are fantastic. So soft as not to damage the wheel but firm enough to get rid of any stubborn marks. Highly recommended

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