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BMW M235i - Antony Mc

Entered for the January 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Antony Mc

Make: BMW

Model: M235i

Year: 2015

Viewed: 2713 times.

Votes/Comments: 30

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BMW M235i
BMW M235i

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How Antony Used Our Products

BMW M235i 2015 -Automatic, Oyster Leather, 405m performance alloys, Adaptive Suspension, Professional Navigation, Headlight Assist, Heated Seats, Reverse Camera, Park Assist, Folding Mirrors, M Performance Grills, M Performance Carbon Spoiler, M Performance Front Diffuser, M Performance Pedals.

1.Full Snow Foam Wash and Rinse. 2.Bilberry Wheel Cleaner to all wheels and leave. 3.Wash car using 2 bucket method with Auto Finesse Lather Shampoo. Brush wheels 4.Bilt Hamber clay barred car and rinse 5.Hand Dry with drying towels. 6.Hand Wax - Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wash - Leave for 5 mins. 7. Buff wax and then repeat again. 8. Wax Wheels with Poorboys Wheel Sealant 9.Clean windows Autoglym Fast Glass 10.Full leather clean - Dodo juice Supernatural. 11.Full Vacuum and brush vents. 12.Tyre dress to finish.

Comments from Voters

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  • Great car!!

  • Wow. Pretty impressive.

  • I thought I was looking into a cool crystal lake and then I realised it was his bonnet. nice.

  • Shiny!

  • nice job

  • She's a beaut

  • Just WOW!

  • shines like a new penny

  • Seems you've got a lot of time on your hands.... But really, Dodo juice?

  • Lovely car

  • Every hockey girls dream car!

  • Great car I love it

  • Looks great

  • I wish I had the time to get my car this clean!

  • Looks like a mirror! Good work

  • Fantastic looking car! 10 out of 10! Shining to perfection!

  • Wow, that looks clean.

  • Look at that shine! Kelly

  • Looks amazing, must try the same on my bad boy BMW. James B

  • Amazing ! Quality car !

  • Very shiny!

  • all the hard work has paid off. Car looks great.

  • Looks fantastic

  • Lovely

  • Must try the wheel sealant as they look incredible

  • Lovely!

  • Stunning car, love the M235is. Keith

  • Stunning!

  • Awesome shine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stunning

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