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Peugeot 106 GTI - Natalie Hooton

Entered for the July 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Natalie Hooton

Make: Peugeot

Model: 106 GTI

Year: 1998

Viewed: 6019 times.

Votes/Comments: 85

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Peugeot 106 GTI
Peugeot 106 GTI
Peugeot 106 GTI
Peugeot 106 GTI

Products Used

How Natalie Used Our Products

I hate my car looking dirty, so I love it when it's just been cleaned. First I hosed it down, then washed using NXT wash, after chamoising I gave it a coat of Poorboy's Black Hole Glaze, followed by the EX-P sealant and a coat of Natty's Paste Wax. I then did the bump strips with Autoglym bumper car. I gave the wheels a clean using Meguiars Quik wheel detailer, and gave the tyres a coat of the high gloss tyre gel. Finally I cleaned the windows using Autoglym car glass polish.

Comments from Voters

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  • what a lovely car

  • great finish!

  • nice

  • nice n shiney


  • Nice shiny black car

  • What a lovely finish. Would you like to come and do mine

  • Very good. Well done

  • Not bad for an old rust bucket

  • this black car has come up really well

  • very shiny shiny shiny gud look hope you win

  • COOL

  • Great looking car, well done

  • Lovely clean looking car!!!

  • Gleaming fantastic. Well done

  • You have worked hard on that finish. Hope you win

  • Brillian shine

  • Very shiney.Well done. :)

  • Good luck Nats, when you going to come and clean mine for me?

  • Looks really good, good luck with the comp

  • Good luck sis

  • Ultimate in shiny

  • very shiny

  • very shiney little car

  • very nice

  • Gorgeous!

  • very nice job

  • Super shiney! :D

  • Such a clean finish

  • Lovely Little Shiny Car :)

  • very well done

  • Great Car Nicely Polished

  • nice little motor

  • Nice little car :)

  • Shiny Little Puggy Love It :D

  • Nice work, I love 106s! :)

  • Looks fab!

  • Your hard work looks to have paid off, well done!

  • It looks great!

  • Lovely 106 you have there! I wish I could be bothered to keep mine that tidy!

  • looks nice top job

  • very shiney :o)

  • very shiney well done

  • Looks amazing for an 11 year old car, well done

  • very tidy, not many are 100% standard anymore. prestine order - well done

  • this car look really mint best ive seen on here EASY fantastic job

  • Very shiny car :)

  • Looking good! Very nice finish! Top notch.

  • Beast of a 106! Shiniest black I've ever seen! Props.

  • Cleann! Did a great job on this. Liking those reflection shots ;]

  • Bet that took some time to get done! Awesome finish!

  • Shiny stuff, well done.

  • beautiul

  • awesome your car looks so clean you could eat off it

  • very nice shiny car, good luck!

  • Yo Nat, what a beasty car! Cheers, Jorik

  • Very shiny, good luck!!

  • 10/10 amazing finish

  • Sweet...

  • what a shiny car! So much hard work.

  • Reflections on this car are amazing

  • uber shiny! Good luck in the comp! Love the shot of the roof!

  • Like the look of this shiny car

  • Cleaner than a nun's thoughts

  • nice looking standard car!

  • Its soooooooooo Shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nice job, time well spent! :)

  • Very very nice and shiny!

  • Gorgeous car. I wish mine looked that sparkly clean!

  • Great looking little motor

  • Lovely sparkly clean pap-pap :)

  • Good Job Nat

  • very clean and shiny, you want to do mine Nat :P

  • very shiny ickle pug

  • Gorgeous Car Nat! Wish my little Purple Rover looked so sparkly clean! x

  • Very nice Nat, good luck :D

  • Gorgeous Car Nat! WOO!! Go Puggy :D

  • Very clean sparkly car

  • Fantastic!

  • Very nice Puggy! :D

  • Gorgeous car Nat! You've done a fab job with it! xxx

  • Larvely!!!

  • You must have worked very hard. The finish is beautiful

  • Very shiney car!

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