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BMW 320 D M-Sport - Craig Dunbar

Entered for the April 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Craig Dunbar

Make: BMW

Model: 320 D M-Sport

Year: 2009

Viewed: 2513 times.

Votes/Comments: 29

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BMW 320 D M-Sport
BMW 320 D M-Sport
BMW 320 D M-Sport
BMW 320 D M-Sport

Products Used

How Craig Used Our Products

BMW 320 M-Sport Diesel.

The car gets washed weekly, but every second month it gets a total makeover.

Firstly it gets a power wash. Then covered all over with UF Ultimate snow foam, leave it for a few minutes to soak in then power wash off. I’m a great lover of the Meguiar's range of products. I think the results are great and being Scottish I don’t find it too hard on my pocket which is always a bonus.

I start with the gold class shampoo, I always use cheap sponges and bin them after 1 use. When the car is still wet I hit it with the Meguiar's Clay bar, works a treat as long as you keep the car wet. I then rinse the car down and dry with Meguiar's Natural Chamois.

Next comes the coating of ultimate polish applied with microfibre cloths. Any tough to get areas I use cotton buds or toothbrushes ( especially around rubber window seals etc.) This polish is also what I use to clean my wheels, I never use wheel cleaners as I was told that they break down the lacquer coating over time.

Once Im happy with the polish finish I coat the whole car with Meguiar's Gold Class wax paste. Goes on easy, comes off easy and leaves a glass like finish.

Glass is cleaned with Meguiar's Glass Cleaner.

Interior Quick Detailer is used inside and the seats get a liberal coating of the Gold class leather Cleaner/conditioner. The it gets buffed off once nearly dry.

To finish off the job. The tyres get a coat of Meguiar's Endurance Tyre Gel and the wheels get a coat of Meguiar's Brake Dust Barrier which makes the next clean that bit easier. The engine bay also gets a wash down and a coating of Meguiar's Engine Dressing.

Hope you like the results.

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  • Nice car . Like it

  • This looks like a really nice car, good work

  • Looks really good pal

  • Great Job. well done

  • Nice!

  • Wow, that's a job well done

  • Great Job

  • Great finish!

  • Immaculate car!

  • Wow. I like it a lot

  • Good job

  • Lovely car, looks fantastic

  • Lookin good

  • Looks like new ......... can I have it please ?

  • Looks good

  • Fantastic

  • Lovely car and always gleaming any time I see it

  • Showroom finish!! Can you do mine?!

  • Great finish a lot of work must have went in to that.

  • Pristine Model and looked after with Care

  • good job

  • Very nice you know where my car is. :)

  • Nice car

  • Lovely looking motor,

  • Looks good

  • Cool car!

  • Love the shine on the BMW come and polish my car anytime!

  • Good shine and finish

  • Excellent job, you can do mine anytime👍

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