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Audi A4 Black Edition - Mike Foster

Entered for the April 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Mike Foster

Make: Audi

Model: A4 Black Edition

Year: 2014

Viewed: 2786 times.

Votes/Comments: 53

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Audi A4 Black Edition
Audi A4 Black Edition
Audi A4 Black Edition
Audi A4 Black Edition

Products Used

How Mike Used Our Products

Sunday gave a good day to try out some new products, and enough time to also perform some much needed paint correction on my ex-demo A4 that I have owned for about 8 months.

The car had incurred 6 months of dealership washes that had given lots of swirl (or love marks) to the paint, and a full decontamination and compound was required to bring back the shine.

I started with a pre-wash with Ultimate Snow Foam, then washed with a lambs wool wash mitt and 2 Bucket Method, followed up with iron fallout remover and clay on all of the panels, the rear and lower sections of the doors having most of the contamination.

The wheels were then cleaned with Ferrous Dueller and my new Wheel Woolies which are an excellent product and brought the wheels back to as new after a light clay. The wheels were finished with Tough Coat sealant to help protect against brake dust.

I had always intended to de-badge the car, and armed with a hair dryer and fishing line removed the A4 and TDI badges from the boot. After about 5 mins with the dryer on full heat the badges came of easily and glue remover easily removed the residue ahead of polishing.

After a full rinse and drying with a drying towel the car was compounded with Meguiar’s G220 V2 DA polisher. With the hard Audi paint, and time constraints I had to opt for Xtra cut pads to get the results I demanded, and after 4 hours polishing about 80% of the swirl and RDS had been removed.

With the weather closing in, I could not put a sealant on the paint, so used Meguiar’s White Wax, applied by hand with the applicator, which has fine abrasives to polish and wax at the same time, and the finish was pretty good.

Final touches included claying the glass and then cleaning with Fast Glass and a coat of Rain-X, and polishing the chrome tips of the exhaust. Interior was hovered and Audi's own cockpit care was used to give the as new look and smell.

Overall really pleased with the results, I hope you like the results too! An hour after finishing the heavens opened, I can report that the wax beads the water well, but probably not as good as a paint sealant.

Comments from Voters

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  • cool finish . Shine and glos very good . Need to get mine more like thas

  • Excellent quality finish: useful listing of all products used

  • So fresh and so clean

  • Looking fresh!

  • Looks amazing!

  • Immaculate!

  • Lovely car, very nice and clean

  • Lots of effort has gone into making this car perfect

  • Very good job

  • Beautiful Car

  • Very nice

  • This car is loved.

  • Serious attention to detail. Bang & tge dirt is gone. Eat ya heart out Barry S!

  • Wow. This is a very clean car! Want to do mine?

  • beautiful shine, couldn't have been easy to complete!

  • Slick job, elbow grease galore, useful works description

  • Beautiful

  • Excellent example , lot of work gone into this

  • looking good !

  • brilliant car finish,would be proud to own it.


  • A great looking car which the owner obviously spends a lot of time keeping immaculate.

  • Simply perfection!

  • Very nice, I like the shiny bits. Can't stand up to my Yaris but definitely a winner here

  • Very shiny

  • Not as good as my golf but a winner in my eyes

  • Gleaming .

  • Good looking car... Cherished by its owner!!

  • What a beautiful clean car!

  • Gleaming very nice clean car!

  • Nicely cleaned! Very good

  • Lovely car!

  • Totally gleaming!

  • it's whiter than white

  • Sparkling clean

  • I have a car you can clean 😀

  • the cleanliness of his car is an absolute credit to him

  • My vote goes here great looking car

  • Looks immaculate

  • Excellent finish very clean

  • Wow its whiter than Simon Cowell's teeth! Amazing!

  • Car cleaning extraordinaire - it looks amazing! :-)

  • Wow looks amazing!!

  • Whiter than white

  • Very impressive

  • Awesome finish

  • Love the look car looks great bet he takes pride in his car

  • Excellent job , looks like a beauty... good example for products

  • Lovely car

  • Have just googled 'specular reflection'. No definition just a picture of this car! Very impressive!

  • Very nice finish, I'll have to up my game!

  • Omg.. I love this car, it's so nice!!!

  • Mint car, very clean... :)

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