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Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo - Claire Williamson

Entered for the April 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Claire Williamson

Make: Skoda

Model: Fabia Monte Carlo

Year: 2012

Viewed: 2323 times.

Votes/Comments: 46

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Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo
Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo
Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo
Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo

Products Used

How Claire Used Our Products

First I start by decontaminating the wheels with Madcow Slayer. Then prewash with KKD blizzard snow foam. Leave to dwell for 5-10 minutes before I pressure wash off and then remove any tar spots with Autoglym Tar&Glue remover.

Using 2BM, I use Adam's Car Care Shampoo a a Dooka wash pad.

I clean the roof, side windows and windscreen first,then rinse.

The I wash the bonnet, wings and doors down to the swage line and rinse again.

Then the front end, rear window and tailgate, rinse again.

And then finally the door bottoms, rear bumper and the sills/arches/splitters etc.

Rinse the whole car again and then dry with a Prestige Car Care Big Yellow drying towel.

The whole car then gets a coat of Madcow Coco Glaze and a coat of custom blended Obsession Wax to get a mirror finish.

The wheels are treated to an extra clean with Auto Finesse Imperial wheel cleaner, before being sealed with Poorboys wheel sealant and given a coat of Auto Finesse Mint Rims wheel wax.

I go over the tyres with Auto Finesse Satin tyre gel and treat the black trims and rubbers to a coat of ValetPro Black to the Future.

Finally, I clean the glass inside and out with Auto Finesse Crystal glass cleaner and wax all windows except the windscreen.

Comments from Voters

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  • Nice car

  • good luck xx

  • Dat Grape!

  • Hope u win! its stunning!

  • winner winner!

  • go on Claire!

  • Hope u win... :)

  • Hope you win!

  • love this car!

  • Hope u win!

  • Heres my vote!

  • so pretty!

  • Lovely Motor!

  • love the wheels! purps <3

  • feel free to come clean mine anytime...

  • Hope u win!

  • Looks the shiznits

  • OCD? lol Great Job

  • feel free to come clean mine anytime...

  • so pretty!

  • Good luck everyone x

  • hope you win

  • xx

  • Good luck, hannah xxx

  • Awesome car Claire

  • Hope you guys win, amazing charity prizes you should be proud xx

  • good luck, sally x

  • Lovely

  • Wow so Shiney

  • Hope you win! Good luck

  • Good luck Claire

  • Love this car!

  • Love it. You have my vote 😍

  • Much shine such wow

  • Love it

  • Love it!

  • This looks absolutely stunning. Really well done

  • Super clean car. Great effort.

  • Great looking car. Keep it up

  • So much effort gone into the look of this car!

  • Hope you win!

  • Them flags really set the scene!

  • Doing it for the girls!

  • Lovely car!

  • Dem Purps!

  • What a beautiful job you had done well done keep it up you get my vote

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