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BMW M135i - Neal McCarthy

Entered for the April 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Neal McCarthy

Make: BMW

Model: M135i

Year: 2013

Viewed: 1978 times.

Votes/Comments: 1

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BMW M135i
BMW M135i
BMW M135i

Products Used

How Neal Used Our Products

Spray wheels with Bilt-Hamber Korrosol, rinse when after a couple of minutes (agitate if necessary). Spray wheels again with Autoglym Customer Wheel cleaner and agitate with detailing brush & clean brake calipers. Use Wheel Woolies to clean behind the rim. Scrub tyre sidewalls with a demister pad (odd, I know but I've found it works really well!). Spray car with Bilt-Hamber Korrosol and leave to dwell for a couple of minutes, rinse off.

Spray with UF Ultimate Snow Foam & brush inbetween creases to remove an polish residue. Rinse off then shampoo using 2 bucket method (also use a separate 3rd bucket for the wheels), then rinse the car off.

Spray the car with Autoglym Aqua wax prior to drying then dry useing Microfiber madness drying towel. Once the car is dry, make up a mixture of car shampoo & warm water in a mixing bottle (use lots of car shampoo) then clay the car using the car shampoo & water as a lubricant. Once the car is clayed, polish using Autoglym Super Resin Polish & a foam applicator pad.

Cover the entire car (including glass) then buff off. Give the car a final going over with spray wax to remove any polish residue and give the car a nice gleam.

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  • great shine - good pics

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