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Microfiber Madness Summit 800 Microfibre (40 x 40cm)

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The Trail-Blazing, Summit Reaching Microfibre.

One of the heaviest ultrasonic-cut microfibre towel, the Microfibre Madness Summit 800 is designed to be the true summiteer.

Weighing in at 800gsm, the Summit 800 is unique in its class; the ultrasonically cut borderless edge makes this cloth extremely safe to use, particularly on sensitive clear coats. Most microfibre buffing cloths, even good quality detailing specific versions only come in at 300-500gsm. The heaviness of the fabric means it holds over half a litre of water! Ideal for removing polishes, cleaners, waxes, sealants interior detailing products and quick detailers.

Slightly shorter pile compared to the Microfibre Madness Crazy Pile but still incredibly soft and as with the polyamide content it will only get softer over time (correct washing followed).

Happily buff off waxes, spray detailers or sealants with knowledge that no addition swirls marks will be introduced by the cloth you are using; always reach for the summit.


  • Weight: 800gsm
  • Size: 40cm x 40cm
  • Material: 75% Polyester & 25% polyamide
  • Resealable zip lock bag included
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumble Dry on low setting

Size: 40 x40cm

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