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BMW 120d - Martyn Lockwood - Winner May 2016

Entered for the May 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Martyn Lockwood

Make: BMW

Model: 120d

Year: 2008

Viewed: 3829 times.

Votes/Comments: 90

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BMW 120d
BMW 120d
BMW 120d

Products Used

How Martyn Used Our Products

I started with the wheels. The car was jacked up and the wheels removed. Wheels were initially washed with Gtechniq G-Wash before Gyeon Iron was applied and left to dwell. Once all iron contaminants were removed I applied Gtechniq Tar and Glue to remove any tar deposits. After I applied some Panel Wipe then applied a coat of Gtechniq C5. Hubs and Calipers were painted later. The car was foamed with Gyeon foam and left to dwell for 5 min before being rinsed. The car was then washed with the two bucket method then rinsed.

Gyeon Iron was applied to the car left to dwell and then rinsed again. All tar spots were removed before I clayed all body work and glass. I set about polishing the car with Menzerna's final finish and a chemical guys green hex logic pad. I only had very light swirling and this combo removed them all swirls and finished down nicely. Panel wipe was used on all surfaces to remove polishing oils before Gtechniq C2 v3 was applied.

Trim was treated to Gtechniq C4, Glass with G1 and G2, tires with T1. Interior was cleaned and protected with a range of Gtechniq products.

Comments from Voters

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  • shes a looker, well done mate

  • Lovely motor and that colour! It's stunning!

  • Well done fella, stunning reflections!

  • Super job,brilliant shine!

  • Bravo bravo, top job!

  • that is very impressive gloss, great job

  • Lots of time spent on that sun beam, nice beemer

  • Nice car, good job , well done!

  • Good work there buddy. Looking good

  • Doesn't she scrub up well!

  • Not a massive fan of the colour, but an awesome amount of effect must have been put into this!

  • Fantastic result! Wish my BMW looked as clean.. lol

  • Keep up the good work darling, you've my car to wash this weekend!

  • Awesome Work Buddy!

  • Good looking stock car, nice shine

  • Very nice dude, some nice reflections.

  • Now that looks amazing! great job :)

  • wow top work mate!

  • Fantastic work, i bet the metallic flake really pops!!

  • super shine babe, a lot of time spent on it

  • Nice work Pal!

  • Great detail mate, some nice reflection shots

  • Love these cars, good job!

  • That looks bloomin lovely mate

  • Stunning looking car. Im sure your very proud of ur efforts

  • Beautiful mate and cracking work there!

  • Blimey, very well done. Nice Job

  • The fruits of your labour. a shiny car!

  • A labour of love, awesome!

  • Really nice job.

  • Thats great work, looking spot on

  • Cracking car, cracking job!

  • Looks Fantastic

  • Wunderbar!

  • As clean as gold pants! lovely job :)

  • Nice car Super Job Well done Matey

  • The merits of hard graft, looking good

  • Thats a lovley motor pal

  • Shiny Shiny Shiny!

  • Car looks as good as new. Amazing shine

  • Those reflections are mad! Great job man!

  • I love the car and the finish is amazing

  • Looks good mate! Been following your posts on bimmer forum. You have alot of time on your hands!

  • Lovely Gloss great work!

  • Immaculate car, nice colour also

  • Spectacular result there dude

  • My word, what reflections

  • credit where credits due

  • Looks superb buddy

  • Stunning work!

  • Fantastic work, beautiful looking car

  • lovely car & really nice work - looks v shiney

  • Nice Detail, a real credit to you

  • Not a patch on my Micra, only joking ;)

  • Very nice my friend!

  • Nice work, looks mint!

  • looks great. Love the bonnet shot

  • Very nice that colour really pops out and suits the car well

  • Crazy reflections on the bim bimmer

  • Great finish pal

  • 10 out of 10!

  • Excellent!

  • Very well done

  • Menzerna often forgotten over the new breeds. I use nothing else. Top Job

  • Nice colour great shine, makes a change from the usual BMW colours.

  • Lovely looking car, super shine

  • Looks great mate you've done a brilliant job

  • Great job there fella!

  • Top top job

  • Excellent work, the car looks fantastic.

  • Superb!

  • The E32 looks beautiful

  • Love these! Good work.

  • Stunning finish

  • Lovely jubbly, very nice

  • Nice job and nice car fella

  • I wish my car looked this good

  • B-E-A-U-tiful, Amazing results

  • Obsessive Car Detailer

  • Nice baby Beemer

  • Best picture is the side shot, a nice deep reflection

  • Very nice indeed

  • Great Job!

  • Amazing, crazy amount of effort must have gone into this

  • Love the Colour, and nice reflections. A real credit to you.

  • Mmmmm..........Shiney!

  • Awesome finish, lots of GTechniq products used

  • Loving the reflections of the clouds

  • You don't see many 1ers in this colour, super shine!

  • Fantastic reflections!

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