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Mercedes C63 - Casper De

Entered for the July 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Casper De

Make: Mercedes

Model: C63

Year: 2013

Viewed: 2048 times.

Votes/Comments: 7

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Mercedes C63
Mercedes C63
Mercedes C63
Mercedes C63

Products Used

How Casper Used Our Products

Started off with a snow foam prewash using Bilt-Hamber Auto Foam, a pressure washer and a snow foam lance, allowing it to dwell before being rinsed off. Next was the application of Bilt-Hamber fallout remover on the wheels and bodywork (BH confirmed that Auto Wheel is also suitable for paintwork), which was allowed to dwell before being rinsed off.

Autoglym tar remover was sprayed on the panels, which after some dwelling and a bit of gentle agitation was rinsed off. The car was washed using the two bucket method with an Ultimate Finish merino wash mitt for the bodywork and a Dodo Juice wheel mitt for the alloys and exhausts, then dried using a Dodo Juice drying towel.

To remove the remaining contaminants, the car was thoroughly clayed using a clay mitt and plenty of lubrication, then washed and dried panel by panel.

To polish and cleanse the paintwork, Auto Finesse Tough Prep was applied with a foam applicator and buffed off using a soft microfibre, panel by panel. A sealant particularly suitable for the dark silver colour, Auto Finesse Tough Coat was applied using a foam applicator and left to cure before being wiped off with a soft microfibre.

After a final buff using a Dodo Juice buffing cloth, and an hour and a half after the first coat, a second coat of sealant was applied for extra protection and gloss. To clean and protect the chrome exhausts, they were treated with tar remover and washed, before being polished with metal polish and sealed using two coats of Tough Coat sealant. The glass was cleaned using AutoGlym Fast Glass, and Trim Gel was applied to the relevant exterior trim for the finishing touches.

The interior is maintained regularly so after a quick clean with the vacuum cleaner, the leather seats and interior trim were simply wiped down with a slightly damp microfibre and dried with another microfibre.

Thanks for reading!

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  • really nice

  • Gets my vote

  • Fantastic shine to the car - WOW!

  • Good work!

  • Great finish. Well done!

  • Shiny 👍

  • Love the reflections and what a car!

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