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UF Ulti-Mitt Double-Sided Merino Wash Mitt

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Super Soft Ultra-Deep Pile Wash Mitt

Ulti-Mitt is a double-sided Merino wool wash mitt with an ultra-deep pile designed to safely lift particles of dirt away from the surfaces being washed.

Regularly using a wash mitt in conjunction with the two bucket method and a high quality shampoo will drastically reduce the chance of introducing swirl marks and fine surface scratches during the wash process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Finest merino wool
  • Ultra-deep pile
  • Double-sided
  • Gently lifts dirt and grime away
  • Safe for all paint and clear coat finishes
  • Manufactured in Great Britain
  • Dimensions: 225mm x 190mm x 40mm

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash in lukewarm water
  • Use a non-biological liquid detergent
  • Allow to air dry
  • Store in dry, dust-free environment

Customer Reviews

kenneth p
five stars 06 Mar 2023

Good value

Good value

Ian W
five stars 12 Dec 2022

so much smoother

Have previously used a microfibre mitt which was fine but this feels so much smoother on the bodywork surface. Have only used it once due to the cold weather but so far I'm impressed by both its smoothness and ability to hold more shampoo than microfibre.

five stars 20 Jul 2016

Best Wash Mitt

Have tried microfiber, Chenille, Synthetic Wool, Other Wool wash mitts, this is the best that I have found! Not too thick or big like some other Merino Wool Wash Mitt, but can handle just about same amount of suds & water, makes this mitt the perfect mitt as it is easy to maneuver and glide across my paint. Not to mention the soft, deep, and long hair pile that makes using it really confident, without scratching or introducing swirls.

five stars 18 Mar 2016

OMG Just love it

Recieved this Merino wool mitt and must say when I got it out the bag I didn't want to get it wet as its just so soft absolutely superb quality ... It's great to use and holds lots of water and would never ever buy a sponge ever again as this is the best I have ever used.

five stars 14 May 2015

UF mitt

I love this Mitt, it is well made and fits my hand very well (much better than my previous one ) it also holds its shape well including the cuff. I would recommend this Mitt as I am very happy with mine

five stars 02 May 2015


I have used various mitts before but this is by far and away the best of all. This is extremely soft and the chances of scratching the paintwork when using the Ulti-Mitt are dramatically reduced.

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