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Toyota Celica 3 litre v6 Conversion - Paul Cooper

Entered for the July 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Paul Cooper

Make: Toyota

Model: Celica 3 litre v6 Conversion

Year: 1994

Viewed: 6548 times.

Votes/Comments: 83

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Toyota Celica 3 litre v6 Conversion
Toyota Celica 3 litre v6 Conversion
Toyota Celica 3 litre v6 Conversion
Toyota Celica 3 litre v6 Conversion

Products Used

How Paul Used Our Products

To get the deep wet showcar look, is a combination of hard work and the right products(followed by more hard work).

to start I wash off the car in cold water ,then use Meguiars shampoo with a deep pile wash mitt. Dry off the car using a microfibre cloth (to get rid of any water marks) mask off all the trim and get to work with the machine polisher, I normally use old faithful Gold Class Meguiars polish, then polish off with microfibre cloth.

Next stage is either a NXT Wax or Show Car Glaze, that gives me a brilliant finish ,but after driving to whatever show I am going to is where the real work really starts.

Firstly I go over all the paintwork with Megs Ultimate Detailer to bring back the shine. Then polish the wheels, exhausts, and engine metalwork with Autosol metal polish followed by tyre dressing to bring that wet new look to the tyres.

Clean all the glass with vinegar and water,then go round all the window plastics with trim detailer,which I also use on the seats and interiour leather.

Its all very time consuming but to get the best out of the car you have to put the work into it and its also extremely gratifying when all your hard work is appreciated with trophies and good comments from fellow enthusiasts.

Comments from Voters

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  • Stunning car mate

  • Great ride, I'D TAKE IT HOME IN A FLASH!

  • Lovely gen6 celica not your run of the mill stuff

  • Good Work!

  • best car here

  • Awesome car.

  • Lovely motor, love the colour! v6 must sound awsome :D

  • Gotta be the celica

  • Celica ftw!

  • nice one mate

  • j

  • v6 goodness

  • awesome car, even nicer "in the flesh"


  • The whole team loved this car, so we decided to vote. Nice job.

  • Very Nice Celica!!!


  • 3 Ltr V6 Celi FTW!!!!!!!!

  • nice motor innit

  • Bling bling dude, nice shine!

  • thats a beautiful car love what youve done

  • 3 litre celica !!! that gets my vote

  • loving the colour

  • our office loves your car!!!

  • seen this in the flesh very nice

  • that is a beautiful car

  • one hell of a car

  • tasty!!!!

  • yayyy

  • very nice car well looked after and polished to within an inch of its life.

  • Something pretty special there

  • :drool: Need I say more?

  • top motor!!!

  • Good luck Paul, you deserve the win.

  • best looking Gen6

  • Love it

  • Love the engine.

  • Loving the candy red

  • Nice car pal

  • Lush car!!!!

  • By far the best here.

  • seen and heard this in the flesh pictures dont do it justice

  • wow!! thats excellant

  • Sweet car dude!!

  • stunning car

  • Bling

  • easily the best car in the competition

  • nice engine conversion

  • saw this car at a show awesome in the flesh

  • Good luck mate

  • Awesome

  • Nice car bud!!!

  • Love it

  • Top Stuff

  • Top looking motor

  • Saw this car at Santa Pod, flawless

  • NICE!!!!!!

  • Epic car! Love it! Good luck Paul!

  • Saw this at Rising Sun Beautiful Car! Good luck!

  • looking good paul

  • Niccceeeee

  • Fantastic Paul! Stunning.

  • Great Car!

  • Car looks incredible and a V6 conversion sounds like fun in a Celica! :)

  • Better in the flesh!! Awesome car! :o)

  • superb car and superb bloke, my cars better though lol.

  • Great looking Celica, and one of the best shine's i've seen on a car!

  • Sweet gen 6

  • looling as good as ever all the hard work pays off mate

  • very nice..

  • Stunning looking car!

  • Very nice clean car better in the flesh

  • shiny!

  • nice car

  • Seen your car at a few shows looks immense, well done

  • easily the best car there

  • Seen this car at a few shows, Best paintwork i've ever seen by far..

  • looks stunning!

  • great car :)

  • looks astounding love this motor

  • Good luck Paul! Looks great as per

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