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Seat Arosa - Kirsty Bowden - Winner July 2016

Entered for the July 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Kirsty Bowden

Make: Seat

Model: Arosa

Year: 2004

Viewed: 3442 times.

Votes/Comments: 27

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Seat Arosa
Seat Arosa
Seat Arosa
Seat Arosa

Products Used

How Kirsty Used Our Products

I started by rinsing my little car with clean warm water. While the car remains dripping, I use the two bucket method to wash the car with Meguiars shampoo. Using the lambswool mit, I started with the roof and made my way down the car, left to right making sure to rinse each section afterwards. I then opened the doors and used the same method to clean the door pillars, boot lip and filler cap. Using G101 detergent and autoglym clean wheels, I then began on the wheels and tyres. After spraying a decent amount of G101 on both the alloy and tyre, I used a Muc-off wheel brush to get off all road grime, then rinsed each wheel with warm water. Then I used autoglym clean wheels and rinsed. After giving the car a final rinse with warm water, I wiped the entire car down with a meguiars towel.

Using a micro-fibre cloth, I used meguiars paint cleaner on the car. Giving the bottle a good shake first, I applied a thin layer to a meter square area, before removing it with a clean dry micro-fibre cloth. This removed any light swirl marks that were on the car. I follow the same pattern as when I washed the car, top to bottom, left to right.

After the whole car was done with the paint cleaner, I used the same method of technique with the meguiars polish and wax. Making sure to give the car two coats of wax for that extra shine and protection.

After I could see my lovely self in the paint work, I began on the rear bumper by applying a thin layer of meguiars ultimate black, then applied the same to the front bumper and grill. I then dried down the wheels with a micro-fibre cloth, making sure to get into all the awkward spots, then applied a thin layer of autoglym tyre dressing which gave a nice wet shiny look to the tyres.

Finishing off, I used autoglym glass spray on the windows, though in a small car the smell can make you a little dizzy, I just pop out a mac tools air freshener and I'm ready to roll.

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  • Car is nice. I like

  • Don't mess with the'll get the horns.

  • A car looking this sweet must fly through the air like DEfensive Angel!

  • That's a nice job

  • Sweet beef

  • Super bad

  • Made to

  • Cracking job

  • Nice

  • Nice looking little car sweets

  • ive seen the work you've put in on this car. Vote Nixon.

  • Cha-cha-cha-chaffinch

  • Doing it for the ladies!!

  • Very clean car

  • Looks awesome.

  • Cool #kingdubsvw

  • Sweet looking car

  • Good luck from the club

  • Nice pictures!

  • Doing it for the girls!

  • good luck

  • very clean car

  • Nice one centurion, like it like it.

  • feed em to the pigs Errol. Good work

  • Really clean, love these cars

  • Good work!!

  • Daaaaaam Daniel. That's clean!

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