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Porsche 996/911 - Adrian Hearne

Entered for the July 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Adrian Hearne

Make: Porsche

Model: 996/911

Year: 2003

Viewed: 4583 times.

Votes/Comments: 3

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Porsche 996/911
Porsche 996/911
Porsche 996/911
Porsche 996/911

Products Used

How Adrian Used Our Products

I always use the two-buckets method when washing the car and I'm sure that this alone has saved me getting a lot of swirl marks in the process! The car is a second car for me so I'm able to keep on top of the cleaning process and not get it too messed up!

After wetting the car down I then use Autoglym Shampoo to wash it (Making sure I only wash it in straight lines to avoid swirls) and start off with the roof and work downwards. I tend to use a Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt for the top half of the car and then a Meguiars Deep Pile Microfiber Wash Mitt for the lower third of the car.

After rinsing the car I then dry it off with an Autoglym Agua Dry cloth - which I find far better than an ordinary chamois leather one. The wheels are cleaned using Autoglym Clean Wheels which I find a lot milder than some other wheel cleaners that I've used in the past. When I've dried them off I then apply some Autoglym Alloy Wheel Seal if necessary which helps to keep the brake dust off. All the glass and mirrors are dealt with using Autoglym Fast Glass which is very easy and quick to use - no streaking at all when I use ordinary newspaper to polish it off!

If I have the time and energy I'll also polish the exhaust tips with Autoglym Metal Polish and then seal them with the Autoglym Alloy Wheel Seal. I then run quickly over the whole car with an Autoglym Perfect Polishing Cloth to get rid of any water marks before either using Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection or (for speed) Meguiars Quik Detailer (Exterior) and an Autoglym Perfect Polishing Cloth to polish it off.

I treat the tyres with Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care which gives a great contrast between the rubber and the alloy. I know that this seems like a long process but it doesn't take too long - maybe 50 mins to an hour.

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  • this looks mint to me. puts mine to shame

  • nice job!! looks fab. wish mine looked like that!

  • obviously takes a great deal of pride in his car, looks fab, def does it justice.

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