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BMW F32 420d M-Sport - Steve Stoddart

Entered for the August 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Steve Stoddart

Make: BMW

Model: F32 420d M-Sport

Year: 2016

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BMW F32 420d M-Sport
BMW F32 420d M-Sport
BMW F32 420d M-Sport

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How Steve Used Our Products

Picked up the car on Friday and had already ordered my kit in readiness for a new car treatment... I had used Technic C1 crystal lacquer on my last car and it really did make a difference to the shine and keeping it in tip top condition so I wanted to ensure that my new 4 series was given a good start in life. When i picked the car up from the dealers it looked ok from a distance but on closer inspection it had now been detailed very well at all ! The paintwork had no slickness and felt liked it dragged when you touched it. On closer inspection of the paintwork with a light there were some minor swirls which must have been introduced by the "professional" detailers in the workshop... I couldn't wait to give it the Technic treatment and make the paintwork pop as it should do.

First thing Saturday morning i set about the task in earnest, First was a UF snow foam treatment which was allowed to dwell to lift off any pre-delivery protection.. it was then rinsed and washed using Gtechniq G-Wash using the two bucket method with my UF buckets and grit guards , a merino wool mitt is my choice for washing turned regularly and rubbed against the grit guard every go to ensure it id particle free.. Car was then rinsed again and dried off with large drying microfibre. Next step was to do the wheels - they were in good shape but wanted to ensure any bonded contaminants were removed before sealing them. I used Korrosol Iron fallout remover which did colour up letting me know it was working, wheels were then rinsed and followed up with Bil-Hamber ph neutral wheel cleaner and small detailing brush to get in at all of the angles. Another rinse and the car was now clean.. (to my standards)

Next step was to correct the minor swirls detected in a couple of spots using my PC DA a purple pad and Scholl Concepts S40 - these were quickly consigned to history..

now for the surface treatments - Firstly Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light - went around the car panel by panel ensuring all panels were wiped clean before moving on.. This stuff is easy to work and a lamp for checking its all off is recommended. Once the CSL was all on i then waited for 3 hours to let th CSL settle down and i then started with the Gtechniq EXO - again easy to apply and remove - i did each panel with 2 coats before moving on. The surface was now like glass and ultra slick to the touch (my MF cloth would just slip off the bonnet)

After this i then did the wheels with Gtechniq C5 wheel armour - 2 coats on each - this took some doing due to the complexity of the wheel design but i know it will be worth it in reduced cleaning in the future. Wheels were finished off on the tyres with Meguiars endurance true gel - this is long lasting and doesn't fling and gives a good finish.

I then left the car in the garage overnight for the Gtechniq products to fully cure - next day the finish was even better more clarity and the paint really popping. Cant stop looking at it now ! looking forward to it raining so I can check out the full hydrophobic effects of the EXO...

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